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Make Billing Easier With Recurring Payments 

At Tendenci, we facilitate your billing process with Recurring Payments. The Recurring Payments module provides an automatic recurring billing service that makes the process of cyclical invoicing, membership renewals, and recurring donation payments convenient for both you and your members.

Tendenci automatically uses recurring payments (RP) for our hosted clients. Check out our help-file below to learn how to manage and set-up an RP account for you and your members.  


Recurring Payment Benefits:

  • Tendenci makes it easy with no constant payment reminders. Set up RP once and enjoy uninterrupted service. You may change your RP status at any time.
  • Tendenci recurring payment allows you to choose how often to bill and when to bill, if not immediately, after each billing cycle.
  • Setting up a recurring payment reduces client worries of missing a payment and allows them to enjoy Tendenci AMS and CMS products and services. 
  • Now with Tendenci Stripe API 
  • Automatic Invoices 


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