Drip Campaign is a form of automated Email Marketing and a great way to support and nurture your clients while simultaneously moving them through the sales and marketing cycle.


With Tendenci's Member Notices, you can set up timed, targeted, personalized messages to be sent to the different segments of your customers or members.  This helps ensure that you engage the right people at the right time. 

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Make your clients feel valued and supported through a Drip Campaign 

1. You can schedule tailored and personalized email notices to target new or prospective members, and even those whose memberships are going to expire.

2. Easily set up notices to be sent at specified intervals of time - 30, 60 and 90 days after subscribing and/or becoming a member, for example. 

3. Your member notices are fully customizable and can be sent to different segments of your membership database. This ensures that you reach the right people at the right time!

4. Boost your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) to continue to nurture your members and prospective clients. Set up your initial support by engaging them with a welcoming email and then re-engage them again. Get inspired and draw them back in with training opportunities, eduational material, promotional items, and relevant industry news that may interest them!

5. Eliminate the need to pay third-party sites to build your drip campaigns, when the Tendenci platform can do this for you!  

6. Don't forget to revisit and customize your Drip Campaign strategies as necessary. Set measurable and quantifiable goals. What would you like your drip campaign to do for you?


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