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Tendenci - The Open Source AMS plays nicely with other products because you have full access to everything of course! This includes our friends at the Open Source Blogging platform Wordpress! Read more on https://www.tendenci.com/integrate-your-associations-blog-with-tendenci-open-source-software/

True, Tendenci can handle all of your web sites functionality as well as is a large mature AMS system. It does all of the above. But sometimes you want to break functionality and some designers prefer to use Wordpress on the front end and simply pull content in from their Tendenci AMS database management portion.

Working with Wordpress is as simple as using two host names on the same domain. For example you can configure it like this example:

1. https://www.example.org - this might be a Wordpress front end

2. https://ams.example.org - this would be your Tendenci URL

Don't miss out on Tendenci and stay connected with our WP Tendenci Blog for AMS Makers.

You may also want to know - how to redirect a URL to a different domain and page?

Branding matters so we'd encourage you to use a bootstrap theme so to the end users the transition is more seamless and brand consistent. There are numerous bootstrap themes out there that work with both.

1. For more on Tendenci themes visit https://www.tendenci.com/themes/

2. For more on Wordpress themes visit https://wordpress.org/themes/ 

How does Tendenci use Wordpress?

We use a subdomain method. 

1. https://www.tendenci.com - main site run on Tendenci for the AMS

2. https://blog.tendenci.com - our blog which is on Wordpress for casual updates that don't quite justify a Press Release or an Article.

Note for advanced PHP and Python Programmers:

Both Wordpress and Tendenci support single sign-on (SSO). Additionally, the database name spaces (table names) are specifically different. It is technically possible to integrate the two products in a large variety of ways from direct database queries to APIs.


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