This video shows you how to edit and batch edit photos and photo albums on your Tendenci website.

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Video Transcript

Once your photos are done loading you'll automatically be brought to the edit page where you can individually and bulk edit your photo albums. You can use this right hand side to replace all of the titles, the captions, the tags.

And what this would look like or example, if I wanted to call all of these [International Festival], then as you see as I'm typing over here, this one is replaced as are all of the other photo titles now.

You can also set one of the photos as your album cover by selecting the "set album cover" box.

You can individually change the names of the titles once you have bulk edited. If there's one of two that you want to have a different name, that won't affect the rest of them. Over here you can select the type of license you would like using creative comments, typical license and in this case we'll use "Attribution Share Alike," making all of the photos shareable as long as they give us credit for them. You can replace all tags and all captions or individually and then you simply save all changes.

And once your photos have been saved as you can see here we now have a beautiful photo album with all of our photos displayed in this grid tile.

Logged in as the admin we can edit, delete, add new photos to the album, edit them and even download a zip file. You're able to see this is the album cover we selected. And when we come back to all of our albums you'll see that is the cover album that's displayed here next to all the other photo albums. We're able to come through, we're able to view all sizes, here's our attribution license that we've added to it.

When you view all sizes of a photo it lets you come and download all of the different sizes of the image automatically created, you can download the photos. You even have the option here to get html code automatically that you can embed into other parts of your website or share with friends on their websites, to have the photo display inside the page.

So that's basically the ins and outs of using the photo album module inside of Tendenci and I look forward to seeing all the different photos you upload.

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