This video shows you how to create a new Tendenci's Photo Album and upload photos on your website.

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Video Transcript

In the previous video I talked a little bit about photo albums and how you can create photo galleries on your Tendenci website and share photos with your members and site visitors. In this video I'm going to walk through the steps of creating a photo album and uploading photos so you can see how that looks.

To get to the photo album again you go to your top menu, go to Content (in the Superuser navigation bar), come down to "Photos" and since we're going to add a new photo album we'll click the Add button (the plus sign).

So here we are, we're going to name this. You can add the name, and a description if you would like. If you want to have any tags, you would add tags that would show up on each individual photo as well as the photo album itself. Then you have the option as you create your photo album to have your advanced permissions.

You can have photos that only certain members or groups can see that are private to your admin only staff. At our company, we sometimes upload photo albums to give visual projects that we can share internally and we make them private so only the staff at our company can see them. We have one client who has a girls gymnastics team and the families share photos of their daughters among each other registered on the site, privately and those photos aren't made public and can't be found on the search engines. So you can protect your images and share them with exactly who you want to.

You also have the active and then the status detail and we're going to go ahead and make this whole photo album public and active.

Then we come to where we upload photos. We simply come to this giant line that says select photos to upload and you click on it. It will bring you to where you can find your photos and upload them. So now I'm going to navigate to my directory to where I have my photos and I'm going to select them all. You can select multiple photos. It will take a little while for these photos to upload. I'm on a wireless network. Plus these are high res, high quality photos that are full size. Let's give it a minute to upload all of our photos and then I'll show you what that photo album looks like and then I'll show you how to batch edit.

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