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Is Your Website Mobile Ready? Responsive Design + Tendenci

Responsive Design is the most modern way to handle visitors on mobile devices - and a best practice as recommended by Google and other search engines. A site with a Responsive Design uses one style sheet and the content adjusts fluidly based on the width of any browser. Instead of "flipping" from standard desktop to standard mobile based on device detection, Responsive Design accounts for any browser width - whether your visitors are on an iPhone, Android, or tablet device.


Why Mobile?

57% of users say they won't recommend a business with a poorly performing mobile website

People now view the web on multiple devices - including desktops, tablets, and phone. One way to take advantage of this new viewing experience is through a mobile ready website. Some facts about the mobile web:



1. Mobile Traffic is Growing, Growing, Growing

13% of all global web traffic is mobile traffic - and that number has grown year over year over year. (Source)
50% of all local searches are performed on a mobile device (Source)



2. Visitors Expect a Mobile Site - And Might Not Give You a Second Chance

57% of users say they won't recommend a business with a poorly performing mobile website 
46% of consumers are unlikely to come back if a mobile site didn't work properly during their last visit (Source)


  Mobile-icon-2.jpg3.  Mobile Optimized Content = Mobile Search Traffic

Having mobile-optimized content on your website leads to more organic search traffic from Google's mobile search results (Source)



How Do I Know if I need a Mobile Site?


Mobile sites are vitally important for location-based businesses like venues, museums, or restaurants. Regardless of your industry, your business sells to people - and people are mobile!

At a minimum your site should function on a mobile device. Test it on an iPhone and Android (which make up about 75% of the market). You should be able to navigate around to all of the major pages, and complete tasks like viewing an events calendar or filling out forms. Keep in mind that flash does not render on Apple devices like iPhones and iPads.


Check Your Analytics!

Look at your analytics - on average mobile traffic makes up about 8% of online views. If you are seeing mobile traffic above 10%, consider investing in a mobile site.


How Much Does Responsive Design Cost?

Our Tendenci Professional Services team offers Responsive Mobile Design and Development services for Tendenci websites. To implement Responsive Design into a Tendenci site involves additional development cost because each item in the site template must be accounted for at any possible width for scalability of your design. For instance, any specially designed landing pages and graphics need to be accounted for within the Responsive Design.

In short: Responsive Design requires additional development work and cost, determined by the size and scope of each site.


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