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Welcome to the community of Tendenci, the open source association management software built to empower organizations like yours. With Tendenci, you gain access to a robust and customizable platform, giving you full control over your association's operations.

Embrace the power of open source as you explore the Tendenci code, making personalized modifications and enhancements tailored to your unique requirements.

Join a thriving community of developers, contributors, and users who collaborate and share insights, expanding the capabilities of Tendenci even further. With its scalable architecture and comprehensive feature set, Tendenci equips you with advanced membership management, event registration, content management, and more.

Leave behind the constraints of proprietary software and embrace the freedom and transparency of Tendenci. Rest assured knowing that your association's data is secure and that you have the ability to shape the software to meet your evolving needs.

Embrace the technical prowess of Tendenci and embark on a journey of innovation and long-term success. With our open source software at your fingertips, the possibilities for your association are limitless. Check out https://www.tendenci.com/open-source/

Open Source from a security standpoint 

Please visit the Open Source Initiative, home for researching open-source government information. 

The question of whether open source software is secure or insecure is a common concern in the decision-making of organizations when choosing an AMS. It's important to understand that all software, both open source and proprietary, has a rich history of security flaws. One of the significant values of open source is not only the fact that the code is 100% accessible, but also the availability of an entire community supporting it.

We encourage you to find optimism in the fact that open source has won and it has emerged as a successful approach. Everything has started to change for the better. We are Tendenci - The Open Source AMS, your software as a mission, first. 


Team Kinect with Tendenci 


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