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How do I know if Tendenci - The Open Source AMS is right for me? 

"Because Tendenci is specifically designed as an Association Management Software (AMS) and Content Management Software for NPOs and Associations. We believe opening the source code will allow us to better fulfill our mission of doing good,” explains Ed Schipul, President and CEO of the company.

“The best way to expand the Tendenci community, from a community perspective as well as a capabilities perspective, is to open it up and encourage the development community to build on it and to participate in making improvements.”

Great question! And it's understandable if you're having a hard time figuring out how to choose the right software and hosting provider for your association or nonprofit organization.

There are many options out there - but the reality is, there is no source code access to most of them! And, if you're like most association managers, you don't have time to research and evaluate all of them. That is why we have created an alternatives-to Tendenci AMS list.

Yes, we are big believers in Open Source. Our company was built with nonprofits and associations in mind, and as far as we know, no other available AMS/MMS system for associations and non-profits has immediate full database access and download like Tendenci - The Open Source AMS does. 

With that in mind, our Open Source AMS is all about connecting the world's people, which is why Tendenci is now translated into 75+ languages!

What is it You Need Your Website to Do?

Our community uses Tendenci to manage more than just website content - they also need to manage transactions for payments, an event calendar, staff and volunteer communications, and memberships. Just to name a few things, associations and nonprofits need from their websites that typical CMS platforms don't do. Site managers also need to understand how your association's fans are interacting with your organization.

Our open-source AMS offers insights into how your members, staff, volunteers, donors, and others who contact you through your website are engaging with your website's content and registering for your events, as well as who's joining and providing resources and money. 

Tendenci AMS - The Open Source Software for Associations - Features 

One of Tendenci's unique features is the variety of content modules available for you to use when you create and manage your website. This help file provides a brief overview of each of the primary Content Modules available in Tendenci and explains how each of them can be integrated within your website and web marketing objectives.

Yes, it is a CMS for Associations and NPOs, and yes, it's also a truly open-source, robust, mature AMS software system to manage your association. 

Security In the Tendenci SaaS Cloud  

Here at Tendenci - The Open Source AMS, our CEO, Ed Schipul, believes strongly in security. We feel every association and nonprofit should DEMAND security from their AMS. 

Cyber Security is based on Prevention, Monitoring, and Incident Response. Learn more about it here

Is Tendenci - The Open Source AMS only for Nonprofits?

Not at all! The Open Source was built with associations in mind: Associations - "Groups of People working together for a common cause". For over 20 years, we've been providing nonprofits and associations with custom website design, development, and managed hosting services. We saw a real need for a platform like Tendenci and our vision is to build technology and tools that associations love to use!

But Tendenci is truly open-source, so anyone can use the software to make customizations, create themes, or develop plugins. We welcome everyone! 

How technical do I need to be to use Tendenci?

The answer is it depends on the level of customizations and support services that you'll want. Why not support your community?  You can reach out to a local University and find out if they have any students who are looking for extra work, or you may even want to hire a local developer to help you manage your site. Tendenci's themes are fairly simple to work with if you have just a general knowledge of CSS and HTML. 

We definitely encourage and appreciate pull requests as well. And if you aren't very technical, some of the best pull requests are actually documentation.

Every Tendenci site lets you pull down templates as well. You can try that out on the free demo site at https://demo.tendenci.com 


How Long Are Your Contracts?

Tendenci offers monthly hosting plans processed through Stripe, and we are now also offering a 10% discount for switching to an annual plan!

Need to cancel?  Contact us with a 30-day notice at accounting@tendenci.com for assistance.  You may export and download your data at any time and take it with you if you decide to host elsewhere.   

Can I Download Tendenci? 

Yes. Tendenci is the Open Source Association Management Software that gives you freedom from proprietary vendors. Thus, the price starts at zero. Yes, really.  Zero. It is 100% Open Source GPL and can be downloaded on Github. The real deal and the code are all there for you to download, review and self-install if you wish, and you can host Tendenci on your preferred cloud hosting provider. And it can't be taken away from you. Ever. Even if you host with us (and we hope you do!) you can still move to your own server later. Because it is YOUR site, isn't it?

How Do I Sign Up?

We're happy to grow our community and to help you grow yours!  Click here to get started, or give us a call at (281)497-6567!

How do I cancel my service? 

Contact us with a 30-day notice at accounting@tendenci.com for assistance.  Please keep track of your recurring payment date because we cannot refund charges for payments already made to your credit card or pro-rate charges. 

Can I Upgrade When my Memberships Grow?

Are your memberships drastically increasing?  That's wonderful news! 

Our hosting service is not based on the number of members or users, but rather on the processing power needed to host your organization efficiently. Growth may include a larger server instance to serve your quickly growing community. Contact us to upgrade your processing power, and we can update your account information today for the next billing cycle.  (BONUS: you can increase or decrease your plan level at any time!)

Have More Questions? 

The support team receives inquiries and requests daily - our goal is to respond to every single request in a timely manner. Check out our great support system here to see your options, click here to go directly to our help files, or submit a request to our paid support services.


We Want to Fully Support Your Organizations Success in the Online World

Your Software. Your Data. Your Choice. 

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