What would you rather do to share your message online - teach a network administrator how to tell a Story or teach a Storyteller how to use a handful of tools online?




 A question for you guys - what would you
rather, and I'll pick on you, what was your name?

Mary, can I ask you a question? What would you
rather do, would you rather go down the

hall to your network administrator and
teach them how to tell a story, or go to

the storyteller and teach them how to
write a blog? Which would be easier?

So the storyteller actually has more base
knowledge than the admin, doesn't it?

Remember a few years ago your network
administrators used to run your websites?

What was that about? You looked around
and said you know the guy down the hall

sometimes doesn't bathe, we want him to do our web page.

We had to wrestle it from them. Oh by the way, I wasn't, that's why I got in this business.

So I was that guy in the SFA, but
really we've passed off our storytelling,

our marketing, and our communication to
people who are arguably the least

qualified in our organization to do so. So, while
we're probably feeling a little

overwhelmed with all the social media
stuff that's hitting us, do you guys see that as

storytellers, as communicators, as people who
are passionate about your causes, you're

actually far more up the ladder that they are, and the farther this goes down the

more it becomes about story telling, the more it
becomes about community. And those are

things that...


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