At Tendenci we don't believe in charging by the user.


Because PER ADMIN PRICING limits your use of the software

Tendenci is built on the concept of distributed authoring. There are multiple people on your board, many committee chairs. Shouldn't each leader in your organization have the ability to post their own articles and manage their own events?

Do you really want to be the gatekeeper for everything that lives on the website? Or would you rather oversee the activity through automatic notifications and step in as needed.

Because PER USER PRICING encourages you NOT to grow your organization

We have been working with associations for over 20 years and not once have we met a leader that says lower membership counts are the goal.

Fill your CRM with prospective members, industry contacts, supporting partners and your members without worrying and reach maximum engagement with your website. 


Not the other way around.

Unlimited admins. Unlimited users. One price.

Tendenci - The Open Source AMS
A new way of thinking about association management.

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