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Tendenci® CMS Platform Powers New Website for International Association of Innovation Professionals

Website essential for membership management and recruitment for startup association 

International Association of Innovation Professionals Tendenci WebsiteHOUSTON, June 4, 2013 – The International Association of Innovation Professionals, the world’s only innovation certification body, has selected Tendenci (www.tendenci.com), the open source Content Management System (CMS) for nonprofit organizations (NPOs), to power its new website, www.iaoip.org. The new website was developed using one of Tendenci’s design templates by Schipul - The Web Marketing Company (www.schipul.com), a leading Web marketing and software development company based in Houston. 

Schipul released Tendenci CMS as an open source product to give NPOs such as the International Association of Innovation Professionals greater control over their online presence. 

The International Association of Innovation Professionals provides members with the knowledge, skills and opportunities to deliver innovation in their respective industries or fields. Through its new website, the association promotes and organizes working groups and conferences, as well as advancing innovation through professional certifications. The website includes an online membership application with online payment, a job board for posting positions and easily searching for listed jobs, and calendar event management capabilities to promote and manage registration and payment for upcoming events. 

“We selected Tendenci based on the fact that it was purpose-built for associations, which means it has a feature set that gives our association the ability to do everything we wanted online without further customization,” said Brett Trusko, President and CEO of the International Association of Innovation Professionals. “We have members around the world, so the website is an essential tool for organizing the innovation community and keeping them updated on developments in our organization and profession.”

Recognizing that a large and rapidly growing portion of the online community is using mobile devices, Tendenci enables the International Association of Innovation Professionals website to auto-resize and format to the width and height of any device when it recognizes mobile and tablet users through responsive Web design. Tendenci also includes a complete digital media management package that makes it easy for the association to securely organize, collect, and share photos, videos, and documents.

Tendenci CMS has more than 1 million users and currently powers hundreds of websites for nonprofit organizations and associations around the world, including Metropolitan New York Library Council (www.metro.org), Houston Technology Center (www.houstontech.org) and Komen Houston (www.komen-houston.org). 

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About Schipul - The Web Marketing Company

Schipul – The Web Marketing Company develops and builds websites on the Open Source Tendenci CMS (www.tendenci.com) system for NPOs, a revenue generating online tool with over a half million people logging in during the past year and millions of users overall. Schipul is headquartered in Houston with an office in Silicon Valley, and provides web marketing services to an international client base that encompasses a variety of service industries in local, national and international markets. Schipul’s clients include the Houston Affiliate of Susan G. Komen for the Cure®, Housing Authority of the City of Los Angeles and Tony Chachere's® Creole Foods, among many others. Additional information about Schipul is available at www.schipul.com and www.tendenci.com.

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Example before and after website redesign:
Check out the website at ymcacampcullen.orgYMCA Camp Cullen Before and After Website Redesign Tendenci

10 Key Indicators It Is Time to Update Your Web Site

If your website is demonstrating any of these issues, then it's probably time for you to consider updating your CMS software and redesigning your website:

  1. It's been more than 5 years since you updated your website
  2. Your competitors' and partners' websites have features you wish your website had 
  3. You organization offers new products and services not promoted on your website or your website promotes products and services that your organization doesn't offer anymore
  4. Your website has seen a noticeable drop in traffic from search engines and new visitors
  5. Your website looks like it was designed in the 1990's, (or worse - your website was designed in the 1990's)
  6. You have a new logo and brand that isn't reflected on your website
  7. It's no longer just your site visitors complaining about finding content on your website, now you're having trouble too
  8. Your website only looks right in one web browser or doesn't display on mobile devices
  9. Simple content updates to your website require calling a web programmer
  10. Your website doesn't integrate and share content with social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Google + and LinkedIn

The Redesign Process

Below are screenshots of Schipul - The Web Marketing Company's website redesign before and after. The new website design features a complex homepage that dynamically pulls in content from a variety of other locations including the Schipul and SEM blogs, social media networks, and internal pages including Staff bios and case studies.  The rotator on the homepage is much larger and features beautiful, rich media and images.

Previous Website:  Schipul.com Homepage Today:



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What’s Involved in Upgrading from Tendenci 4.0 to Tendenci 5.0?

The newest version of Tendenci (Tendenci 5.0) is a rebuild of Tendenci from the ground up using the latest and most scalable new technologies. Tendenci 5.0 includes more features and ability to customize based on each organization's needs. We recommend that all of our clients on Tendenci 4.0 begin planning the upgrade to the latest version of your website software as soon as possible.

The migration and CMS upgrade has a fairly large cost associated with it, particularly if your organization has a large amount of content, users and members, or files and images on your current website.  Migrating your content requires anywhere from a dozen to 50 or 60 hours from someone in programming because the technologies have changed so much between the 2 different versions.

The migration is just one part of the process – there is also the design and theme development for your new site plus any potential customizations.  Your staff will need training on the new software and you will need to dedicate time to add new content manually before your new site is ready to launch.

Here is a breakdown of what's involved in the upgrade and migration:

  1. Redesign of homepage and internal page layout and graphics
  2. Theme development to integrate your redesign with your website’s software to dynamically pull in content and make updates easier
  3. Architecture change to determine relevant primary and sub-menu items for navigation, you’ve built a lot of pages and articles – how will that be made accessible on the new site?
  4. SEO research and new keywords, SEO optimization site-wide on new site
  5. Migration of content from previous website
  6. Migration of members, corporate members, admins, and registered users plus setting up new login and passwords in the software
  7. Migration of email newsletter subscriber list
  8. New email newsletter template
  9. Potential for custom programming and modifications specific to your online marketing needs



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