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InsightXperts Joins Tendenci Open Source To Expand Its Legal Services to the Medicolegal Community in the U.S.

Is Your Law Firm In Need of Offering Expert Medicolegal Services to Your Client Community? 


We love our clients and are excited to announce our newest friends InsightXperts, a team of certified nurse life care planners and case managers, with over 50 years of experience working and collaborating with various experts across a spectrum of specialties. Let InsightXperts do the detective and analysis work for you!

InsightXperts provides insight into holistic and lifelong care, case management, education, collaboration, coordination and addressing the often-unmet needs of those with catastrophic injuries and chronic medical conditions. And not to mention, Veterans Administration services which includes long-term care, discharge planning, quality improvements, home assessments, and acute care, patient advocacy, medical billing review, and much more. 

With InsightXperts cost-effective Membership, attorneys in the United States can now plan for medical legal services to offer their client community with a membership tier. Have questions?

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About Tendenci

Ranked as one of the top 5 AMS softwares internationally, Tendenci continues to build on the work of the Open Source community to uphold these standards, with a sustained focus on global accessibility, languages, scalability, privacy and security.

Headquartered in Houston with contributors from around the world, the Tendenci Open Source platform is tailor-made for the unique needs of cause-related organizations including associations and nonprofits. Tendenci is a revenue generating online tool with over one million users overall. Tendenci powers the websites of the Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification Accreditation Body, Rice University’s Baker Institute for Public Policyand DePelchin Children's Center, among hundreds of others. Tendenci services to a global client base that encompasses a variety of service industries in local, national and international markets. Additional information about Tendenci is available at www.tendenci.com.


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The Jain International Trade Organization - USA Chapter Joins the Global Tendenci AMS Community

The Jain International Trade Organization - USA Chapter (JITO USA) makes a power move by joining the global Open Source community with Tendenci AMS. 

JITO USA Responsive showcase on four iPhones 

About JITO USA's Mission

The Jain International Trade Organization, founded in 2007, strives to unite influential and powerful businesspersons, industrialists, entrepreneurs and knowledge workers throughout the world for noble causes such as economic empowerment, social upliftment, education, service and more. JITO USA provides a robust networking platform that will enable its members to take advantage of the synergy of individuals’ core competencies and to leverage the power of connectivity. 

JITO Organization - USA Chapter continues to expand in the United States with the support of Tendenci - Open Source AMS software. The Jain International Trade Organization has recently launched a website for its U.S. members to join chapters in San Francisco and New York, as well as units - in the works to become chapters - in Chicago and Los Angeles.

There truly is no limit for JITO USA with Tendenci's scalable entity-pointer system, which increases efficiency and productivity of their chapter leadership teams by allowing all chapters to operate under the same umbrella!

JITO USA is all about staying true to their vision to promote collaboration and economic empowerment amongst its members and the community at large. With Tendenci software, the organization has launched a successful Member and Trade Directory, Job Board and Events Management system so their members can continue the organization's mission and further the JITO USA projects and initiatives. In addition, as running an association is quite complex and non-profits have public fiduciary responsibilities to their members, JITO USA tracks comprehensive insights about their site users, members, content, and activities happening on the website with Tendenci's Reports Module. Not to mention, Invoicing Reports that visually depict key revenue generating metrics.

JITO USA continues to pave the way and lead industries for its members' continued success.

We are proud to partner with The Jain International Trade Organization and truly look forward to their continued success as they grow and expand, empowering all around them.  

Visit JITO USA website 

About Tendenci - The Open Source AMS

First established as Schipul - The Web Marketing Company | Headquartered in Houston, TX and San Francisco, CA | Tendenci - The Open Source AMS is a Cloud-Based All-In-One Management software solution, designed specifically for the needs of nonprofits and associations. Tendenci's mission is to Connect and Organize the World's People. Do Good. Tendenci has been building websites and helping organizations increase their revenue streams around the world for over 20 years

American Planning Association Texas Chapter (APA TX) Grows Their Community Online with Tendenci

Houston, TX - October 26, 2016

The APA is a Nationwide organization that helps "Certified planners pledge to uphold high standards of practice, ethics, and professional conduct, and to keep their skills sharp and up-to-date by continuously pursuing advanced professional education."

APA Texas Homepage

The APA Texas Chapter offers events, news, jobs, newsletters, and information about the program to members across Texas using Tendenci's AMS Software.

APA Texas Website Screenshots

Learn more about APA Texas on their Tendenci site.


About Tendenci
Headquartered in Houston with an office in San Francisco, Tendenci (https://www.tendenci.com) develops the Tendenci Open Source Association Management System (AMS). Tendenci is a revenue generating online tool with over one million users overall and earned a spot in Capterra's Top 20 Membership Management Software Products. Tendenci powers the websites of the Rice University's Baker Institute for Public PolicyAdvance.org, among hundreds of others. Tendenci also offers web design services and integrates other open source applications into the websites of its international client base. Tendenci Open Source powers websites that encompass a variety of NPO and industry segments around the world. Additional information about Tendenci is available at https://www.tendenci.com


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