The increase in SaaS marketplaces through international cloud hosting providers makes it much easier to deploy Tendenci as well as many other open-source solutions.

Tendenci association management software maintains an official Amazon AMI server image in the AWS Marketplace at:

We are committed to making Tendenci AMS available globally through many different marketplaces. Contact us on GitHub via issues to help us prioritize which official marketplace images should be added next. 


  1. Introducing Tendenci Marketplace One-Click Site Deployment 
    1. Official Tendenci AMI Image Listing
    2. User Guide (getting started)
  2. Alibaba
    1. (coming soon)
  3. Azure
    1. (coming soon)
  4. Linode
    1. (coming soon)
  5. Digital Ocean
    1. (coming soon


For developers of course Tendenci remains fully open source. Resources to self-install Tendenci are on github, readthedocs, transiffex and summarized on our Open Source page. You may also check out a few screenshots in our rich media gallery.