Tendenci Relief Assessment form on mobile phones


Tendenci installs by default with a module named social services. As I type this it definitely still needs work but the work flow is fairly straight forward.

  1. Self identify as a responder. A responder can just be a HAM radio operator or a volunteer distributing blankets.
  2. When checking in to a facility either a volunteer fills out the form for the person in need of help, or they can have kiosks and let them complete them themselves.
  3. The needs are graphed on a map, as well as by needs in a pie chart.
  4. When (hopefully) resolved and then they should be automatically removed from the map.

You can specify your first responder skills from your profile here:



On the other side is the need for people to have a relief assessment form filled out. Typically this would be done by a volunteer checking the person into a facility or over some other form of communication like texting/sms/email.



The URL for social services in tendenci is <your-site>/social-services/relief-assessment/form/



Those needs are identified by category on check in at a relief center and matched up with human and physical resources to help them.



Those are your needs. You have needs and resources but it may not be possible to match the two up physically. Or at a minimum we want to optimize the process which brings in the need for mapping and location services. We chose not to use google maps as for some countries it may not be the most accurate plus the load is too much. Many emergency response actions are done on a local level so we are using Open Street Maps.



Used in conjunction with the built in forums module for associations in Tendenci we belive with a bit more help from the commuity our existing associations and organizations can be better organized in times of crisis to aid in a more powerful way. To deliver better outcomes.



Translations! - You can help by crowd sourcing translation of the Tendenci labels in the language of your choice. While the list looks impressive it is mostly machine translations that need to be reviewed by humans to avoid misunderstandings. Especially if Tendenci is going to help organizations respond in a crisis situation. We need greater clarify through dialect localization.



Not surprisingly the open source community has a method for crowd sourcing translations for open source project like Tendenci. That solution is called Transifex and it is something people do on their phone as they go about their day.



Other functionality in Tendenci to help you respond in a crisis or just to reach your membership faster.

Internet Forums on every Tendenci 7.1+ site are standard. You can use Forums to coordinate efforts and account for people. You can read more about forums in this help file https://www.tendenci.com/help-files/en/7/forums/ or on your site at /forums/


Cross Site Alerts to get the message out quickly!


    1. Newsletters - the consistency of email communication. Send some test newsletters and learn to use the module BEFORE you need it. For more on Newsletters please read the help file here as they are great for emergency communication when used in combination with other methods.
    2. Data exports to move data in and out of the system. There are so many ways to export data from Tendenci, all we can say is first we recommend checking that module to see if it has structured exports. If not you can always use the data explorer on your site at /explorer/


Coronavirus (COVID-19) Preparedness Guide for Your Association with Your AMS

A summary of content to help you and your communities to prepare for potential quarantines brought on by CoronaVirus ( COVID-19. )





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