Now that you've set up Google Analytics for your web site it's time to dive in and see what's going on with it.  If you've never used a web site analysis tool before, the enormous amount of data can be overwhelming for first timers.
No Worries! - This helpfile will show you some of the more popular reports within Google Analytics and where you can find them.
After you've log in to your Google Analytics account  (
Click on "View Reports" and it will bring you to the Dashboard.
The Dashboard works just like the one in your car.  It gives you most of the basic information you'll need at a glance.  Here you can see the number of visits, pageviews, bounce rate and average time spent on your site within a given time frame.
You can set your data to show over a couple of months, monthly, weekly or even daily by clicking on the date box in the top right hand corner of the page.
To see the number of people that have visisted your site you can simply click on "Visits" on the Dashbaord and it will then show you a report that breaks out in to Daily visits and even Hourly.
The daily view breaks down visits by the day of the week to show what days people are coming to your site whereas the hourly report will show what time of day people are coming. 
Pageviews is the total number of pages viewed on your site.  You can see the detailed reports simply by clicking on "Pageview" from the Dashboard and  you can select to see the information daily or hourly.
The left navigation of Google Analytics is where you will find most of your other reports like:
Referring sites, search engines and keywords. 
Let's take a look at what you will find here.
Under Traffic Source you will find the following reports:
  • Referring Sites - What sites are bringing traffic to your site
  • Search Engines - Which search engine is brining in the most traffic to your site
  • Keywords - What people are typing in to search for your site
Under Content you'll be able to find:
  • Top Content- The most commonly viewed pages on your site
  • Top Landing Pages- What pages are visitors landing on and are your landing pages effectively helping your visitors click deeper in to your site?
  • Top Exiit Pages- What pages do people leave your site on?
  • Site Overlay-  A heat map for you to see where people are clicking on your site so you can see if your calls to action and content are placed in the area that people are looking.
Google Analytics is a great free tool to use for your web site analytics and... it's easy to implement with your Tendenci site through an SEM include.

Simply sign up for a Google Analytics account and provide the code to your project manager and they'll do the rest. If you want to use the Tendenci SEM Dashboard from within your site, let your Project manager know and they will help with the integration. If you want to add the code yourself, follow these instructions for Setting Up Google Analytics on your Tendenci Site

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