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Hey there! Every engagement begins with a conversation. It is important for us to always get to know our clients and their associations mission first as well as their digital marketing goals. From there, we begin to move forward by identifying the company's core audience's needs online and work with you to nurture and mature your profitable website. Even without selling anything. 

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Understanding SEO 

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Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is a fundamental part of your Search Engine Marketing Strategy. By constructing a website that is easy for both the search engines and your clienteles to find and understand, you will have a greater opportunity to generate leads and sales to enrich sustainable long-term growth online. 

Higher rankings in the natural listings (organic listings) of search engines will get your Web site more exposure to your target market if positioned correctly. There are many factors to consider when positioning a website within the search engines and their directories, including mobile-first, page load speed, (slow sites equal fewer profits and visitors), a healthy keyword density, outboud links, archicture, rich content, and more

Our Approach

We set up your Google Analytics account and work with you to install the tracking code on your website. You will be able to measure your success to make informed decisions on future website updates for increasing conversions and leads. We set goal tracking based on your key performance indicators so you can easily measure almost any action on your website.

  1. We identify your core audience’s needs online and position your brand in front of that audience to maximize exposure with the right keywords, Meta description, categories, rich content and build links to your page. Find out more about  our essential automatic SEO baked into the code.
  2. One-on-One training will walk you through analysis of your site and your competitors to see opportunities for success. 
  3. We will track your landing page traffic and do keyword research to tweak your site's language to better fit what your customers search for. You’ll be involved in the process every step of the way with monthly progress reports and routine strategic calls.

 How can SEO help increase your donations?

Nonprofits are turning to online platforms as an inexpensive, secure and effective way to reach a broader audience.  

Online giving is Donors preferred method of donating to causes they care about. Last year in 2018, according to NP Source 31% of donors worldwide give to NGOs, NPOs & charities located outside of their country of residence. With the combination of our Donation Module and Tendenci partnering with Stripe Partner Program, donors across the globe can seamlessly donate and support your cause! 



Let us help you begin tracking your web statistics right now with Google Analytics.

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