If you are going to charge for Directories Listings on your Tendenci website, then you'll need to first set-up the pricing options that you'll charge visitors, users, and members for adding directory listings.  This Help File explains how you set-up a directories price and show you how to set-up multiple pricing options for your Directories Listings. 

Find Directories Pricing


To start adding new Directories Pricings, you'll want to navigate to your Directories Module from your Top Bar Menu.  Directories is found under the Content Dropdown Option.

Click on the word "Directories" to go to your Directories Module Main View.  You'll see the Directories Tab alongside a Pricing tab.  Click on the Pricing tab to bring it forward and then mouseover the Pricing tab to dropdown your Directories pricing options.


Click on "Add Directories Pricings" to begin adding new pricing options for your Directory listings. 

Add a New Price

On the Add a New Price page, you'll select your pricing options for a new directory pricing.  You can create multiple directory pricings based on membership status, duration of listing, and whether the pricing option is premium or regular. Tendenci has regular listings and premium listings options.  A Regular listing would show up in the Directories Search View beneath the Premium listings.  

Here are the different options you'll need to determine and specify to create a new directory pricing.



The duration is the length of time the directory listing will remain active on your website.  Select the duration first, and then you'll determine pricing for your directory listings based on how long the listing is active. 


Regular price ($): 

This is the price that site visitors or users, (non-members)would pay for a regular directory listing.  

Premium price ($): 

This is the price that site visitors or users, (non-members)would pay for a premium directory listing.  

Regular price member ($):

This is the price that members would pay for a regular directory listing.  

Premium price member ($):

This is the price that members would pay for a premium directory listing.

Show Member Pricing: 

Check this box if you want to display members-only pricings to all site visitors.  Non-members would see the pricing but would need to login as a member in order to use it. 

Manage Directories Pricings

You can create multiple directory pricings based on duration and membership status.  After you have created a new pricing, you'll find additional options on the Pricing tab when you are viewing a specific pricing.  


You can View, Edit, and Delete the pricing from the Pricing tab. To create additional pricings, simply select "Add Directories Pricings" and you can create a new pricing. 

Once you've created at least one Directories Pricing, the pricing option will be added automatically and will be selectable when you or a site user is adding a new directory: 


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