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Below is a 65 minute webinar video that outlines getting started with Google Analytics for Tendenci. The webinar focuses on not just viewing Google Analytics Data - but also making decisions based on the Analytics data. The webinar includes the following segments:

    1. Getting Started with Google Analytics
    2. Top Google Analytics Reports to Focus On - And how to interpret those reports
    3. Goal Tracking
    4. Benchmarks
    5. Making Decisions with the Analytics Data
    6. A/B Testing and other Analytics Tools

This webinar includes tips and tricks for Tendenci users using Google Analytics, but is intended to give direction for navigating through Analytics data for all webmasters!

On-Demand Webinar Video:

**Note: This webinar on Google Analytics is a few years old. You can still apply most of the fundamentals found in the video. Updated video is coming soon.

 Intro to Google Analytics Webinar from Tendenci




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