Want to hold an event with multiple pricing options? 

We've got you covered!

Make sure to first enable registration when setting up your event, then get your thinking cap on and get creatvive!

Event Registration

Here's how to take advantage of the multiple pricing options offered in the Tendenci Events module:

      1. Early Bird Pricing

        Want to enocurage guests to sign up early and get a full roster?  Offer a special price to those who do so the early bird gets the worm, so to speak!  To avoid this price option being cluttered in the rest of the options, set up pricings to appear staggered at different start and end dates. If you're worried guests may not be incentivized by the early bird price, maybe add a price comparison in the price title (i.e. "Early Bird Member Registration - Save $75!")

        Event Start and End Dates


      2. Members Only Pricing

        Want to make becoming a member look more appealing? Offer registration at a discounted rate to your members!

        Event Member Pricing

      3. Senior and Student Rates

        It's now easier to be inclusive to your community by offering special registration rates to members who may want to attend your event, but can only do so at a discounted rate.
      4. Table or Team Pricing

        You can sell individual spots or even full tables or team rates by utilizing the number of attendees feature in event pricing.  Great for events such as auctions, galas, or team fundraising events!Number of Attendees


Happy Event Planning! 

For more information on Tendenci's Events Module, please check out our other event helpfiles.



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