Tendenci's Events Management Module and Events Calendar is a great way to connect with your online community and bring your members and site visitors offline to Hang Out with you. Here are some short videos demonstrating how to get started filling out your Tendenci website Events Calendar with colorful events that allow online registration and payment seamlessly on your website.

Part 1: How to Add New Event Types

Before you add an event, it is typically easiest to define the Event Type. An Event Type is essentially a Category that breaks your events into different Categories for your audience. On your events calendar view and events list view, Event Types are distinguished visually by color. You can split your Events into as many Event Types as you like - based on what your organization needs. Common Event Types include:

  • Internal vs External Events
  • On site vs off site or out of town events
  • Member Only vs Public events
  • Events by Committee, Group, or Chapter

Add and Event Type in the Tendenci Content Management System

Tendenci's events module allows you to add events, filter them by type and your visitors and members can register and pay for events online directly from your Tendenci website. In this video I'm going to show you how to create event types that will allow you to filter your calendar and create a colorful events calendar like the one you see here. In the next video coming up in the series I will show you how to create an actual event on the calendar.

So let's show you how to create the events type and what those are is, if you see here on the right side of the calendar is custom color coded filters. So I can click on one of these and it will show me those types of events on the calendar. So as you can see in this coming month we have one philanthropy event. If I click on industry, we have these industry events in the month at this organization and so on.

You can also have all the events show up and that makes it very easy for members and visitors to find what they want based on the categories. If you have multiple organizations or chapters all sharing the same calendar, you can also divide up the calendar based on which city chapter, for example. I'm going to show you that over here. Here is the new template site, Space Points, and we're going to add a new event type for one of their different chapters in San Francisco.

So logged in as the administrator you'll come up to the events tab and you'll come down to event types and as you see on the screen here we have our different event types labeled with the color selected for how we've set them up and we're going to scroll down here until we find a blank bar and in this case we're going to add "Space Up San Francisco" and then we're going to pick one of the colors that we have not picked yet before that matches the themes that we want to go with and let's see if we look at this one, they have a theme with orange and with the maroon so I think I'm going to pick one closest to it.

You can add additional ones, for example I can add "Space Up DC" another chapter for this organization and I can pick a different color for it and then save changes.

Now you never actually run out of event types as you see here after I've saved I'll scroll down here and here's the two new ones I've added and if I keep scrolling you'll see new blank event type fields have shown up where I can add additional cities or chapters or event types if I wanted.

So we've just added event types and if we come back to our event calendar you'll see over here "Space Up San Francisco" and "Space Up DC" has been added and they filter it by alphabetical order. So that's how you add an event type. In the next video we'll show you how to add an event itself.

Part 2: How to Add New Events

Add an Event on a Tendenci Website

In this help video, I'm going to show you how to add a new event to your Tendenci website.

When you are on a Tendenci website events calendar, to add a new event you can go to the events tab and you'll drop down to "Add an Event" and click here. You can also get to add an event from your admin navigation menu at the top of every page of your site, come down to "Events" and click the green add icon. Both of those will take you to an add an events page.

From the Event Add page, you can add a new event to your calendar and turn on online registration, add speakers, etc. And it can take probably about ten to fifteen minutes to fill out all of the different details and we're going to walk through it, and as you can see as we scroll down on this page, everything you need to add an event that users can register for, with custom pricing is all on one page.

To save a little bit of time, I've already filled out the details of this event, and I'll walk through the different things that might be a little bit tricky or unique to Tendenci. Obviously, there's the event title. You have the description of the event inside a typical WYSIWYG which lets you add different headers, upload media through the insert media widget. You can add hyperlinks that people can register for the events off site and find other links.

Then you have the start and end date time fields for the event. Both of these are easy pop up calendars where you just simply click to select the date of the event and it's the same with the time. You can scroll up and down and you go all the way from midnight to 11:30PM; they're in 15 minute intervals. And we're going to find 11AM. This event occurs on a weekend, you can select from the drop down on the time zone of your event.

From here these are the event types that you've set up customized to your calendar, external URLS. This is the specific event photo that would show up if you were sharing it across social networking sites or integrating it with your email newsletter. You have your selective permissions here for members and groups to see the events based on their permission settings with in the site and your typical content administrator status detail.

Then here you have the location and a description for where your venue is going to be hosting the event and if you fill out the street address, the city, state, and zip code, it will display on the events page, the Google Maps integration. So people registering for the event can also get Google directions to the event from their location specifically.

Here you can put in the organizer, if it's your organization hosting the event then this is where you could put some additional information for SEO about your self, or about whoever is hosting the event and you are allowing them to put it on your calendar. Then you have your speakers and you can choose a headshot for the speaker, enter their name and have a bio or description for them. To add another speaker, it's very simple, you just click down here and a new one pops up and if you want to remove that speaker you can just delete and the screen adjusts.

Registration can be enabled or not. For this specific event, the registration is going to occur on SpaceUp San Francisco's site however if you turn on a registration, people can register for the event and pay for it through your site and you can determine the payment methods and ticket pricing. You can customize as many different ticket prices as you'd like, it works much like the speaker box where adding new pricing comes down and then you can delete it.

Each pricing field comes with the ability to select groups or members that can apply for it, who can even use it and register for it. And then you can have the start time of when you want to open registration for it and the end time. And then you can name the ticket prices anything you want and have any number of attendees for it, so if you want to have bundles of tickets, a golf team of four or a table sponsorship of ten, you can just enter those fields in and then set the price at whatever amount you'd like.

Since we don't have event registration for this one we're going to go ahead and remove that and then we're going to add the event, and here the event is successfully added.

We have our conference information in the description here, the speaker up at the top, the organizer itself here. On the right hand side you can see the when and the where and here's the integrated Google Map where people registering for the event can get directions and search near by. And then if you come back to your events calendar, you can see we've added the event to our calendar, it has the right event type label and it's on the days we put it up there for.

So now you've seen how to successfully add an event to Tendenci. And you can fill up your calendar with events and event types.


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