DEVELOPER UPDATE: September 7, 2017

Chargify - no longer recommended. Current forks and branches with Chargify support will need to remove prior to pull requests to master.

Back story - we have loved using the Chargify product for years. However they recently tripled our base price despite steady revenue growth. This might not seem like a big deal, but given Tendenci is the ONLY open source AMS and focuses on Associations and NonProfits who budget annually, it isn't realistic to just raise everyone's price because a third party vendor raised theirs.

And to integrate chargify further in the public repo would just expose open source users and clients to making a possibly expensive mistake.

The truth is the clients would blame the Tendenci company and core developers in the community and not blame Chargify themselves. We're tired of taking the blame for capricious rapid price increases from third party vendors with little notice.

Yes, Chargify has been our go-to for a while for recurring payments. Unfortunately after Chargify tripled our own monthly base fee we are focusing our energy on recurring donations and payments through Stripe with Tendenci handling the notifications (already built in of course.)

Hopefully, as a team, as the community grows, we will find a way to obtain discounts from some of these merchant providers on behalf of all of the hundreds of non-profit and associations using Tendenci hosted with us or open source. Y'all rock.


NOTE: The Tendenci team is NOT taking anything away. If you currently have integrated Tendenci with Chargify in your own fork, as long as it is a different django app that is pulled in through or then this change will not impact you even if you update from master. Tendenci is NOT removing functionality.

I want to repeat that - we are not taking anything away. We are simply redirecting our energy to a more global company in Stripe which is more closely aligned with the goals and values of nonprofits and associations.

Ed Schipul
Founder, Tendenci





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