David Stagg, creative director and team manager at Schipul - The Web Marketing Company (www.schipul.com) discusses how social media has changed Web user behaviors and how Web marketers are helping organizations connect with their communities.



Hi, my name is David Stagg. I am the
creative director and team manager here

at Schipul.

When it comes to the actual design of a
site, knowing that the social media has

changed the way an end user interacts
with websites is the easy part . The hard

part was getting people to utilize ways
of connecting with people through the

internet, and feeling secure and safe in
doing it. There was a time when nobody

wanted to even put your credit card through the web,
now people store them on their

computers and just leave them
there. Tthat was the giant

leap, the step was saying okay well
we need to get you on there and we need

to get you guys twittering, we need to
get you guys a blog, we need to get you

guys some way of communicating,
whether it's something is.. I mean not

everybody, Twitter's not for everybody,
blogging is not for everybody it's

dealing with them and saying in the
design process what is it that's going

to work to speak to your clients. Maybe
twittering doesn't make sense for the

client but a blog does, maybe they're an
industrial company with a bunch of

products and if they don't have a blog
and they need a recall they have no way

of connecting with their the base of
people that are actually using their

product. They're going to wonder what's
going on, they're going to wonder what

the mystery is. You don't need a
Twitter for that, maybe you just need

some kind of blogging system that's
available for you to say hey we have

this new product, or hey there's a recall
here, hey this is why - here's a letter

from our president, and so on and so
forth. So, I think the biggest step was

getting people to actually use those
tools because we believe in them, we

believe in those things, we believe in
the fact that the world

can be connected through the
internet. That's one of our mission

statements is that is to connect people
and to do good things, and when we

see the world catching up to that,
it's incredible to see them come in

and see their face light up when
they realize that they're interacting

with other people, and they can update
their own website, and like I said the

design process around that is is the
simple step.

It's getting the client to believe that
that's a safe, honest, and transparent way

to communicate with their audience that
was the hard part.

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