SchipulCon 2011 was a success! During lunch on day one, Schipul's John-Michael Oswalt ( shared the launch of the new Tendenci self sign up! woohoo!

The future of associations and web marketing is changing. Join John-Michael to discuss the new CMS changes.

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So as Aaron showed you, this is the homepage. I'm going to show

you a couple of sites that are actually
using Tendenci. So this is Think LA's

web site, we highlighted them a little
bit. They have events, they have photos

You can see they have a job listing, they
do videos, and it's software that is

powered by Tendenci to create revenue, to
build interest, and to generate, as Aaron

said, the kind of the feed management
earning dollars for a non-profit. You can

have paid job postings, paid events. This
is an example of a membership

application that was built with the
newest latest version of Tendenci, and it

has fully customizable forms, any
information that you want to capture. We

want this to be required, and we want
people to have to enter this, and we want

to give these kind of instructions over
here - all that is part of the software

It's all something you're able to do, and
it's all something that's built right in

that you can easily go in say I want my
members to pay this much money, I want it

to last every year, I want them to renew,
and I want to have them fill out this

basic information. So one of the other
aspects of it is a job board, another way

that an organization or nonprofit can
generate revenue. Here we have an

organization that's based out of New
York, and they are solely focused on the

culinary industry - jobs for chefs, jobs
for people in the front house, in the

back house, and I was kind of amazed how
much I learned about the restaurant

industry that I didn't know just from
browsing their job list. They have the

option of offering premium postings, and
you can see one of their big focuses is

on the location of the job. They have
people now expanding all over the

country, where previously they were only
in New York. Another aspect of Tendenci

is the full event calendar. Here we
see the Miller Outdoor Theater, which is

here in Houston. If you haven't seen it
you should check it out, and you can see

they have a full calendar of event. s I'm
able to hover over these and get a little

bit more information about it. I can
click on these and travel to that event

page, find out when the play that I want
to see is showing at the outdoor theater

or find out the next thing for Theater
Under the Stars. This is an actual event

page from Think La. One of the things I'd
like to highlight on this page, you'll

see the speakers rotating, there's PDF
bios that you can download if you're

interested in attending this event.
You'll see in the side we've got some

different prices. So one of the areas in
the previous versions of Tendenci, you

could create prices. Here you're able to
do that quickly and easily all from the

same one page where you enter in your
event. We see here I'm not able to select

the member because I'm not logged in, I'm
not a member. Log in for member discounts

so that I can get those prices. And kind
of finally, just to showcase, this is our website, and as a company
that eats our own dog food, it is of

course also powered by Tendenci. Now, one thing
that's a little different from

Schipul than the other organizations
I've highlighted is that we are a

for-profit business, we're not a
non-profit association, but you can see

that the the built-in core on the power of
Tendenci allows for a lot of dynamic

content. We're able to add content in one
place and show it in many different

areas across the site. Almost every
aspect of our homepage is content that's

been entered in one place and pulled
somewhere else, and we're able to focus

on little special things, like we have a
quotes plug-in that we use because we've

our CEO's collected quotes over time, and
it's something that is now fairly

important in our company's culture to
have a quote of the day. So, with all this

as Aaron mentioned, newer technology,
lower prices, higher needs - all of that

we're able to offer a much lower price of
thirty nine dollars, and the way that

we're able to do that is a bit different
than in the past. For the Tendenci

customers clients that are in the room
now, you probably remember

you walked through a proposal
process, you met with a salesperson, we

did a demo and all that. So today we're
very excited to announce that you can

sign up for your own Tendenci site

So this initial launch is a bit of a
beta launch, we're not going to load out

hundreds and thousands of sites
immediately. We're kind of doing a slow

rollout. So you'll see there is a sign up
code, they're required. I'm going to type

in a signup code that I know, so if you
are interested in getting a site you

might want to write this down. It's
SchipulCon, actually it's not that.

SchipulCon asterisks 2011 asterisk rocks.
So schipulcon*2011*rocks

will be a sign up code that you can use
today to sign up for your very own

Tendenci site. We've got a couple of
themes that your site will launch

with, so it won't look like just an empty
page, it'll have some things. I actually

have one that I created in a
presentation earlier this morning.

Named my site cool biz, and I'll show you the,
named my site cool biz, it's at cool biz. I get these different
areas pulled in, and when I log in I get

some little admin notes that help me
to control the content, so if I don't

need business strategy or talking
points, I'm instructed how I can change

those things and make those things a
little bit different. You'll see we've

got some feeder content filled in
already. Right now I think we've got

three of these themes built. We're
developing more and more pretty much

every day, actually. So I'd encourage you
to, once again, if you want to check it

out go to,
pick a website name. You need an email

address. For now we're launching for a
30-day free trial, so if you sign up

today you won't have to pay anything. You
can sign up, get your site, test it out

play around with it. If you've got any
questions on hey how do I do this, come

find a Schipulite. You can come find me,
my name is J-Mo, and I'd be glad to show

you a little bit more about the software
and help you out. And actually, if you are

interested in it right now, at the 1:00
session I'm doing a talk on

building smart websites, partially using
Tendenci, so you won't want to miss out

on that one. Other than that, we're very
excited today to be launching this. Tt's

been a long time in the making
internally in our company, it's been

something that we've been wanting to
build and pushed, and we're very proud to

to bring this to the community. I know
Dries spoke earlier about Drupal Gardens

and one of the things that Drupal Gardens
does is move something from platform as

a service, where you have to go these
extra steps, into software as a service

where you now have an easy way you can
go sign up and build things without

having to install PHP and configure my
sequel and do any of that. So, that's it

Thank you very much

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