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On February 17, 2010, Ed Schipul, CEO of Schipul The Web Marketing Company (www.schipul.com ), presented, "The Future is Mobile and the Future is NOW!" to the The American Advertising Federation Fort Worth. This is Part IV of IV of the presentation.

While colleagues, friends and family may be embracing life with a smart phone in hand (iPhones, Blackberries and Androids oh my!), do you know the impact that these mobile devices are casting on the future of business and advertising? How can you be profitable by focusing on reaching your audience where they are? What opportunities are you missing that will keep you ahead of the mobile curve?

Ed's presentation reviews that basics of our mobile future beyond the hype, the goofy apps and annoying ringtones. Learn what the advertising industry is up to by reaching into the technological lifeblood of our society and the steps you can take to stay on the cutting edge.



There's a lot a lot of products that are
in the online coupon space, and Cell

Fire is one of them. I'm not necessarily
a huge fan but I think there is some savings

to be done there, but it's
basically you text in and you get your

you get your online coupon. Alice, again,
is one where you can look things up. Alright

This is one of - disclaimer - it's one of
our clients but this is Congressman

Culberson, and what he does is he uses
quick, and what quick is is video and you

literally just press a button, launch
quick, and you press a button and it

streams video straight to the web in
real time. Well that changes things. First

off it just crushed me because I
realized that if you could stream video

to the web, then I'm sure this was like
the zombie apocalypse. My first thought

was that means that really is no
Sasquatch, because somebody would have

gotten them with their cell phone or with their iPhone.

They would be streaming video of them

but if nobody's gotten it, it's just
implausible that Sasquatch exists. Once I

got over that I realized that there are
political ramifications of this. We're

not going to prevent the aggressive
editing, but with our mobile device we can

come up with a fuller story, with a
counter story, whether it's through

training or not. This is of course
American Idol. I like talking about

American Idol because, who here carved soap as a kid?
Who here has ever carved soap? Don't

tell me none of you. Okay, the people in the room
who carved soap, why? Do you know why? It was

actually a campaign by a PR guy named
Edward Bernays the 1920s for Procter &

Gamble, and he got a request from a lady
for a large block of soap, sculptor named

Brent Putnam, and he was like why? Why
do you want this large block of soap, crazy

lady? And she said she was going to use
it to practice her sculpting, and he got

the idea to have this contest to get
kids and soap together. That's not easy

to do, right? So he ran this contest for 30
years, and they would have these

things, then they would have celebrity
judges, and the architect for

Rockefeller Center would come in and
judge them, and then they would show the

winners at the local museum. So who else
runs that exact

same campaign - product as art with
celebrity judges? American Idol

does it and Red Bull does it. It's an
identical campaign, and I guess they

haven't run the Red Bull art can up
here, but they ran it in Houston. Again, it

it's absolutely identical but they
overlaid social media and they overlaid

mobile to it. They didn't try to do
something that was specifically and only

mobile. Just like anyone who advertises
in one medium, it's not going to succeed

Same thing - I think mobile must be
interwoven in with all your other things

What can you do with mobile with a good
strategy in combination? And you're seeing

right here in 2009 hundred
and seventy eight million votes by

texting, and they made a lot of money on
that, didn't they? And a lot of time it's

the money behind the money, but if they're
each one of those text messages for

voting for American Idol costs you.
They're not free text messages, so that's

you know 178 million bucks right?
Alright, so let's

review. And actually one slide I didn't
show and I want to mention for those

of you interested in iphone development
there is, if you go to itunes there's

something in itunes, search for
stanford iphone development. Stanford

University has an iphone development
class that's limited to like 60 students

They published the entire class - every
video, every hand out, every assignment - is

available to download on iTunes for free.
So there's absolutely nothing that says

if somebody with an app, I'm a political
science major who turned himself into a

programmer right, there's nothing that
says that if you've got the time and

determination that people within your
company cannot go and learn iphone

development, or that you can learn iphone
development on your own. And again, it's

Stanford so the quality of instruction
is very very good, and they even have

Apple engineers that come out and do it,
and it's free. It's really quite amazing

The mobile web - we've talked
about its beginning, it's about mobile

humans. We talked about 50,000 years new
device still carrying new behavior

There's a new culture forming, and it's
kind of going backwards from the younger

to the older, instead of the older to the
younger, and we're all trying to adapt to

that. We even don't know what we're going to do,
but we do know that our mobile

device is going to be there with us, and
I forced you guys into some uncomfortable

admissions that we're rolling over in bed
and checking our email, and then we won't

ever reply those emails, because we
don't want anyone else to know we're

rolling over in bed and checking our
email, so there's all these little

subtle things that we do. Another
example in facebook, have you ever seen

yourself tagged in a photo and you don't
delete it? You come back two weeks later

and delete it? A couple of you guys have
done that, and the reason is

you didn't believe it right away because
you don't want to look like I can't

take it, then you go back and you're like
man I have a double chin. No, and you

remove it right? But the thing is is we're
not talking to each other about this, but

we're all doing it. So if you find
yourself doing something on a

mobile device, I'm sure somebody else is too,
and so then also talking about that

means every one of those, in my opinion,
is an opportunity. Context and immediacy

is everything, like we talked about with
the Houston Chronicle. Where there's a

lot more mobile traffic in the morning
and then a lot more web traffic in the

day, where they're at their work
computers checking the news. Definitely

start with fresh mobile content. We
talked about different ways of making it

Remember we covered app maker, appmakr?
We talked about different ad

networks that also target specifically
mobile, and then keep it simple and keep

it fun, because it's a very very small
screen and people acknowledge that it's

not as good of a device as a full
computer, but it's the most relevant

device. It's the one that's in my hand at
this time. And again, the example of red

laser, that's something that's going to
save you very real money. If I see a bright

shiny object at Best Buy, I'm going to
buy it right now. If I

hit it and I find out the exact same thing
if I wait two days from amazon and save

three hundred dollars, I might wait three
days. Alright, what questions do you guys have?

Yes m'am?

I'm going to grab your question, than your
question in the back. The tools of

change is by O'reilly. 'O', 'apostrophe', 'Reilly'
is the book publisher that does all the, in the

computer industry, we talk about them as the
animal books, because all the different programming

has a different animal on the cover of them, and
it's specifically about

everything from the kindle to the new business models because, for

example, Google is releasing in their
google book product all of the pdfs of

the books that are no longer under
copyright. I mean that's the type of thing

Why can't I have all Shakespeare's work on my
mobile device, so yeah look up

O'Reilly Tools of Change, and I don't
know what the hashtag is going to be, but it's

probably going to be either TOC or OTOC.
In the back, m'am? If I really want to prove to

you what a great job I did, I'm going to
demand a tracking 1 800 number and then

again, with the mobile device someone's
going to call in because of that

campaign, and then they're going to save
it in their their contact list, and then

they will forever call that tracking
number, so you either have to keep paying

that agency to continue with the
tracking number, or then they're going

to over report it. So some of it, as far
as Facebook ads, both to the mobile and to

the offline are phenomenally accountable.
What I'm doing with my

facebook ads right now is I'm actually
targeting click throughs, but I'm

actually seeking impressions. And the
reason I'm doing this is it lowers my

price. If you're offline, well not if you're
offline, but if you're off mobile stuff

google analytics for us is pretty much
it. We used to use urchen, we used to

use deep metrics, and then Google
actually bought urchen, and webtrends is

the other big competitor from an
analytics perspective. Google

Analytics is really pretty amazing. It
wouldn't be amazing if I was one of the

companies they were putting out of business by buying
my competitor and giving it

away for free, but you can you can do
tracking on it pretty effectively. My

actual pet peeve on advertising and
public relations, both - if you want to

actually measure it, then I need a client
who's going to give me twenty thousand

dollars to do a pre survey and a post
survey on my target audience to see if

we made an impact. I mean, that's the only
real way to measure the ROI on pretty much

any campaign in my humble opinion, and
since I don't have those clients we live

through with analytics. My take on privacy -
I don't like the ones that follow me from

site to site, but I will say they're spot
on. I clicked on one for Denny

manufacturing, they sell back plus for
photography. That's one of our hobbies

They're one of the largest starters, I had never
heard of them. I saw a friend of mine fan them

on Facebook, and I've seen their
ads now both on my mobile device on

facebook, and also when I'm browsing the
web, so I know they're tracking you across

all those ways, and as an individual
there are two ways we opt out of this. One -

we just don't participate, we lock
everything down. A lot of women on

Twitter will protect their updates, which
means nobody will ever accidentally

find them. So a lot of those serendipitous
things that occur to those of us in a

public sector. What I do is I
basically manage my public persona. I

don't post things that I wouldn't want
others to see, and I do subconsciously or

consciously manipulate my personal
brand's representation in social media

and through mobile, and mobile is real
dangerous for your personal brand. You

know right around eleven o'clock at
night what you think is funny at the

pub is not funny when you PR director sees it

Monday morning, and she may work for you but she's got a temper. So there's

this, with that it's 12:58, so
I'm going to go ahead and bring it

to a close, but thank you again.

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