On February 17, 2010, Ed Schipul, CEO of Schipul The Web Marketing Company (www.schipul.com ), presented, "The Future is Mobile and the Future is NOW!" to the The American Advertising Federation Fort Worth. This is Part III of the presentation.

While colleagues, friends and family may be embracing life with a smart phone in hand (iPhones, Blackberries and Androids oh my!), do you know the impact that these mobile devices are casting on the future of business and advertising? How can you be profitable by focusing on reaching your audience where they are? What opportunities are you missing that will keep you ahead of the mobile curve?

Ed's presentation reviews that basics of our mobile future beyond the hype, the goofy apps and annoying ringtones. Learn what the advertising industry is up to by reaching into the technological lifeblood of our society and the steps you can take to stay on the cutting edge.



How do you get people to look at your
app if there're three hundred thousand of

Alright, here's a strategy for it. I
was at an iphone developer camp recently

And what a lot of that developers are
doing is then they go and they buy

facebook ads but only for Apple
employees, so you could actually buy ads

for people specific to a specific
industry specifically for that product

and I had never thought about that, but
they're basically buying ads for PR

to have somebody select their app as a featured app.
I know it starts to get meta meta

meta but it, this is kind of what you
have to do right now to get through all

the noise that's out there. The
Trinity mobile interaction - one is reach,

privacy, and retention. For whatever
reasons in America we get rabid if you

send us an unwanted text message.
I mean, you would swear somebody had

killed our dog if somebody sends us a
text message. It's not like that in other

countries - you go down to the islands you
go to Europe and your mobile provider is

going to send you a regular stream of
stuff but, for whatever reason, we regard

privacy on a mobile device very very
highly, whereas we don't particularly in the

online experience. We allow this cross
site scripting and the ads that

follow us from site to site. We'll look at
one of those. This is the ipad, who here is

excited about the ipad? A couple
people, it's interesting because

a lot of people aren't. I think this
thing's phenomenal, I'm so excited to

have this thing come out and the reason
is because i don't like Kindles - you

can't touch them and they don't have a
touch-sensitive thing. I spent a decent

amount of time on airplanes, a lot of what
I'm doing is passive surfing, so to me this

is the perfect airplane review my
presentation or sit on the sofa and

play word or whatever I'm doing by
iPhone applications. It uses the same

operating system as the iphone,
it's not the mac OS, it is the iphone app

OS, so there's going to be there. I would
encourage you - don't ignore this.

Don't ignore this. I know the Hearst
Corporation and a lot of different

people are working on a different, trying
to reengineer the newspaper look for

this form factor. In fact, Monday and
Tuesday I'll be in New York's because there's a

conference up there called Tools of Change,
and even if you're not going you can

kind of follow it online. It's by O'Reilly,
and it's talking about the changes

in the publishing industry. That matters
to us because publishing is usually a

product to carry our advertising, or to
support our business through advertising

Don't ignore the ipad. I think there
are a lot of people out there who are

really going to like that form factor.
What is an app? These are

third-party apps. They're cheap, interactive,
and handy. Most of them are free. When my

wife got her iphone I became media
tech support because she was trying to

install skeeball. Remember when you were kids?
I'd do

all the sound effects, but really I like
you people too much. And it wouldn't

install because it was ten MB, and it was
like three dollars, and I've never known my

wife to particularly play skeeball, but
for whatever reason she really liked the

concept and the developer got three
dollars out of us. I know there is a thing

called ubertwitter on my blackberry. It's
so far the best, anybody else use

ubertwitter in here? Couple of folks.
It's a free download, they've got

ads that are just kind of served in the
middle of it, and I don't mind at all. As far

as the future of advertising, also if you
go to cnn.com right now there's a thing

like third or fourth thing on the menu,
it will say CNN news pulse, click on that

when you get back. Click on that, and what
it does is it shows you the upcoming

10 news headlines. After three or
four it will inject a small unobtrusive

banner, nothing that's taking over
your screen and yelling at you and you

know you're afraid to put your mouse
over it because

dancing bears are going to come out.
It's a much more subdued thing. I find

that I actually clicked on the ads.

Make your own app - making an app probably to

the majority people in this room sounds
very intimidating, but most people - we're

intimidated by this, but there are
now all these products out there. There's one

called app maker appmakr.com, and
for like five hundred dollars you can

build a basic app and then you pay them
like a monthly fee at thirty to fifty

dollars. Now all they are really is RSS
readers but it'll still and get your app

in there and if you can
manipulate the RSS stream you can make

it do quite a bit. So they're basic
applications but I would expect to see a

lot of growth in this space. Don't discount
app development as part

of what you're doing because once you
get to the technical stuff, the technical

stuff is not the most important, it's the
messaging, right? It was like on any

website, the most important element by
flower is the headline.

People spend all this time on the color
palette, the look, and the feel and they

don't have a headline. They've got a tag
line but no headline, so there's no

compelling call to action. And again, the
same thing here - you've got to worry

about the strategy more than you've got
to worry about whether it will

technically work or not. What
about mobile advertising? This is one

called - this is absent right here from
mobile content, you can target it again

By the way, if you have not done
Facebook advertising you've got to do it.

You've got to try. It's hard to get to - when
you go to Facebook, at the bottom there's a little link

down there that says advertise. That's also the
way you create a page. It's too good to

be true right now. We ran one
campaign for four thousand dollars that

did 24 million impressions. I mean just
the ROI on it's just too great. Make

sure you do a cost-per-click, not cost
per impression, and also the targeting is

pretty amazing. I use the example of
people just advertising to Apple

employees. I mean, what if you could only
advertise to people who are on the

board of directors. There're whole
new levels of mind games that are being

opened up by this targeting, and
I know if I was a teenager right now whoo

I'd be dangerous. Take a look at these
different ad networks, small streams

big opportunities, that was that headline
there. This is a network called AdMob

and they were bought by Google recently
and again, what it is is it's targeting

across mobile applications as well as
offline, and one of the things that AdMob

does is have you seen recently like if
you click somewhere then you'll see that

banner ad show up on other websites, and
it's been shown to radically increase it

I like photography, and when I first got
on Facebook I refused to click any ads

and I got these meaningless ads. Then
I got on this high horse where I'm

just like, I'm just going to mark every
one of these as offensive if they're not

going to target me. What I hadn't realized
was Facebook had literally

conditioned me to train them how to
advertise to me, so I marked as offensive

any dating ones because I'm
married. Why are you advertising this?

I marked as you uninteresting if it was unrelated
or didn't matter, but then I found that I was
clicking on

ones for advertising, and then one
popped up and it was sixty-nine

thousand dollars for eight acres in
the country on a lake, and that is one

of those things that hooks me, and I
clicked on it. Well, now it's funny because where

I go around I'm constantly seeing all
these ads for photography or for

country real estate, all sorts of
things that I can't afford at this point

of my life because I have teenagers. When you're
looking at these marketplace

you're not just training them on Facebook, you're
training across all

advertising mediums including the cell
phone, because if you're logging

into Facebook from your cell phone they
know who you are, and then they can use

that data to take it back and forth. Check it
out, this one's called AdMob.

How are we rising to use the mobile web?
On Haiti they raised 30 million dollars

total from their texting, 7 million the first
36 hours, but interestingly enough it's still

only fourteen percent of total
donations. Isn't that surprising?

They did an amazing job with it and I
know the very first day I did it, because you

felt like you wanted to do something, and
it was just, what, text Haiti to 90999? Did I

get that right? And you make a ten
dollar donation. Again, the reason I

bring up this story's because it's an
interaction of mobile online and offline

and when I was thinking about that youth group,
it was about 150 kids, they do not

differentiate, by the way, between
Facebook messaging, instant messaging, and

text messaging. Us geeks are all like
well it's social media, but oh, text

messaging isn't social media. For them
it's just this web of interaction. They're on

Twitter, they get a direct message, they
reply on Facebook, and then you

reply with a text message. It all just flows
back and forth in this

web of communication that, frankly, for us
older people can be a little

intimidating. My employees are just,
some of them are just figuring out now

that I do have chat, and I'm like that's
funny because I was

chatting on Evax before you were born
kid, but they you know, what did I do I

push them away because I didn't want them on my
signal to noise ratio, and the same thing I don't

put my cell phone on my business card.
These are some of the things that I may

have to change. What if I miss a deal
because I don't have my cell phone on my

business card, because somebody wants to reach
out to me via text. Again,

is that mobile? I don't know. These
are three different apps that I really

like - this is Top Stains by Tide, and it
basically in your pocket tells you how

to remove stains. It's the
ultimate bachelor iphone app, it's

absolutely phenomenal, because
I've got one method of removing stains that

I know of, and that's soda water. I'm pretty
sure there are other methods, and its

really kind of fun, because you
start to wonder what is wrong

with you people? It's like blood,
purple juice, you go through

this stuff and you're like how did that

Duncan's Donuts has the Duncan run - what
you do is you text people, they text their

orders, and then you walk through it and
then you do the run, and then the last

one that's like enjoy. You hover your
mouse over that, they're all kind of dancing.


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