On February 17, 2010, Ed Schipul, CEO of Schipul The Web Marketing Company (www.schipul.com ), presented, "The Future is Mobile and the Future is NOW!" to the The American Advertising Federation Fort Worth. This is Part II of the presentation.

While colleagues, friends and family may be embracing life with a smart phone in hand (iPhones, Blackberries and Androids oh my!), do you know the impact that these mobile devices are casting on the future of business and advertising? How can you be profitable by focusing on reaching your audience where they are? What opportunities are you missing that will keep you ahead of the mobile curve?

Ed's presentation reviews that basics of our mobile future beyond the hype, the goofy apps and annoying ringtones. Learn what the advertising industry is up to by reaching into the technological lifeblood of our society and the steps you can take to stay on the cutting edge.


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