Katie Laird, communications team manager with Schipul - The Web Marketing Company  and one of the organizers of SchipulCon'09 discusses the two-day interactive Web Marketing Conference sponsored by Schipul - the Web Marketing Company, known today as Tendenci - The Open Source AMS and hosted at the Houston Zoo. It is scheduled October 15-16, 2009. 


Katie Laird - 

 Hi, I'm Katie Laird and I'm the
communications team manager here at Schipul

So SchipulCon is going to be a
completely new experience than anything

we've ever put on for clients, and
actually anybody in the community. That's

one of the most exciting things is that
we're not only focusing on people that

use Tendenci or people that use search
engine marketing services. It's really

for anybody that's wanting to grow their
presence online, that's wanting to feel

more comfortable, strategically speaking,
with tools that we all talk about all

the time, and then also diving into
completely new topic areas like

how to be a great salesperson
to how to build a company culture, how to

grow a business during a recession. We're really looking at

encompassing everything that we can to
just help our companies, our client

companies, achieve what they're wanting
to achieve. Another very exciting thing

about SchipulCon is that we'll be
launching our new software.

Our programmers have been hard at work all
year long and this is something very

exciting to us, it's really taking things
in a new direction. We're looking at

different platforms, we're
programming in different languages, we

just have this whole other viewpoints
and keep in mind Tendenci as of today is

over ten years old, so now we're starting
from a completely different vantage

point then we had ten years ago. We have
a whole new client base

with a whole new set of needs, we have a
whole new society really. Things have

evolved so much that needs to relate
connect and communicate with each other

in a much different way. So SchipulCon is
not only going to be a great learning

experience, but it's also going to be a
window into what's coming

what's next. So not just with Tendenci,
not just with how do I search

engine optimize a certain page. It's
really about the greater good and

just making 2010-2011 and all the
years beyond just as wonderful as they can be.


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