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Learn how to use Google+, the latest social network to launch. Schipulite, David Stagg, discusses the differences between Google+ and Facebook. Find out what Circles are and how to use them. Learn what the Google +1 button is all about and why it's important to add to your website or blog. For more information on the Google +1 button, view our "Google +1 Button Overview" video at http://youtu.be/EYrzldL-Oq4




what's up Internet my name is David stag
I'm the creative director here at

Schipul the web marketing company and I
was blessed by the Google gods to get an

invite to google plus so today we're
going to run through a couple of the new

things that come with Google+ kind of do
a rundown of it show you a good overview

of it and explain a little bit about
what circles are what sharing is how to

share privacy settings all the fun stuff
so if you don't mind let's jump right in

and let's get going so currently right
here all I've done is log into my google

plus account so this kind of shows you
the generic dashboard if you will what

you see as soon as you log in there are
certain things to point out obviously

sort of sort of like Facebook we have a
stream of information that comes from

people that I follow we can share things
right here we can also share things up

here in the right hand corner it's
effectively the same box and does the

same thing you can see over here I have
in my circles where I have friends that

I've already added to my circles and the
cool thing about google plus is that the

way that Facebook uses lists Google kind
of uses circles and it's centered around

the circle's rather than like Facebook
where it's centered around friending

people lists are kind of a part of it in
a way to differentiate what you want to

show different people now Google does
the same thing here with Google+ except

the whole entire application seems to
center around these circles so let's

start there if you look up here in the
menu bar this last item over here is

your circle so if we click on that we
can head over and right now just note

right here we have three different
options we have people in your circles

these are 57 people that I've already
added to my circles you can see these

circles down here I'll scroll through
them here but you can also check out

people who have added you to circles so
you can see anybody that's added me to

their circles and over here we can find
invite other people that we would like

to get into our circles so let's first
start over here with people in my

circles the cool thing about circles are
just like lists you can rename them it

comes with default ones the default ones
that comes with

friends family acquaintances following
and i've added networking as my own

individual one and Schipulites and
these are people that we work with here

at Schipul so anybody that I work with
ends up in this circle over here you can

add people to more than one circle so a
lot of the Schipulites actually double

up in show in my friends circle as well
if I wanted to go over here and look at

people who have added me it shows the 30
people that are added me and there's a

very interesting thing to note here is
that it does not show which circle I'm

in on there that they put me in so if
let's say John Michael over here who is

a friend of mine if he actually hated me
and create a circle for people i hate or

ring of hell and he put me in that
circle I would never know it only thing

I get to see is that I got put into a
circle that makes me feel good I don't

need to know which one and that's as far
as it's going to go over here on find an

invite this is how you actually get
people into your circles so let's say

for example April who is our west coast
sales manager she is working out there

in California for us let's try and add
her to a circle so I want to add her to

my Schipulites group there's two ways to
do this I can click here and just begin

typing April ooh caps lock and it will
actually find her and I can click her

and we'll ask me which circle to put her
in so I can click Schipulites and if I

hit save it would put her in there now
that's not nearly as cool as this which

is what everybody google wants you to do
is just drag her over into your group

and drop her off my wheel spins she gets
added see the +1 happen and she

disappears from my open she disappears
for my list of available people to put

into circles now if I wanted to keep
putting her in circles I could do that

again you'll see that now it shows her
as in my Schipulites group but if I

click here and also want to put her as a
friend I can do that and hit save it

goes through and does its thing adds a
plus one there no problem let's go ahead

and close that and if I try to add her
again you'll see that now she's listed

in two circles as opposed to just one so
that that's kind of how you add people

into circles you can rename the circles
just like you would any other one so if

I wanted to change acquaintances I could
just click on it right here I have the

option to rename it I can change the
description these once again are all

come from default out of the box
google+ and i can add people directly to

it there obviously I haven't added anybody
into my acquaintances yet as i was just

playing with it right here you can
actually create new circles so if we

click over here create circle we wanted
to create a new one called sports fans

like that i can actually if I didn't
want to pepper everybody with my post

about the Houston Texans or the Houston
Astros I can actually keep a running

list of sports fans and just submit that
share things to that circle instead so I

know that my brother who is also in my
family group loves sports as well so I'm

actually going to add into this sports
sports fans list you'll see he jumps up

right there and my buddy Miguel he also
is a sports fan so let's go ahead and

add him so you can see that I've added
them they're showing up here on the

screen do I want to add anyone else? No,
that's good for now those are two good

people to have so right now I'm going to
create circle with two people so it's

going to automatically create that
circle with those people in it as we go

on here and there you go you can now see
that down here i have a new circle call

sports fans and i can always go back and
change it rename it do whatever I want

with it so that's kind of circles in a
nutshell things to notice once again are

that most of Google+ circles around
these circles rather than a facebook it

has list but it's more of a way to keep
people segregated you really want to

start to use your circles in Google+ and
try to mess around with them and get

everybody into a circle and organized
first before you start doing your

sharing and I think that's what kind of
Google wanted with it I'm going to

actually head back to my homepage right
here and let's talk about sharing for

just a second so pretty soon across the
web you're going to start seeing these

Plus Ones jump up and it's a little box
that has a little Google if you can see

it right here it has like a Google kind
of colors across the top with a +1 on it

you'll see them on google searches
you'll see them you can now embed them

on sites and we'll go through that a
little bit later but what you want to do

is if you like that it's like facebook
like button if you like whatever is

going on you want to +1 it and then
those plus 1 show up on your profile so

people can see what you're out there
looking at and enjoying

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