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Ed Schipul, founder and CEO of Schipul - The Web Marketing Company (www.schipul.com) discusses the re-emergence of storytelling as the key to marketing and communication success in the coming decade. He says organizations have to get back to the proverbial campfire and make their stories interesting, compelling and persuasive. Social media tools help to get the story out, but without a great story, the technology is useless. Music provided by _AA_, http://anal0g.org/_aa_/.




Hi, I'm Ed Schipul, founder and ceo of Schipul the web marketing company

I'm simply - the next decade's going to be right back to storytelling

I think we need to get right back to the campfire

We need to get right back to where we're telling things in a persuasive Manner because we have we have gone from

People understanding the full issue to a world of sound bites where Cnn

quotes this and the local news quotes that and


Mark Cuban talks about you know the reasons to our blogging was because he could then tell his whole story

And what I find is that that instead of this future super attack?

We're actually going back to just the fundamentals of storytelling and again the more your brand can tell its story

The more successful you're going to be and the technology is great but technology falls in the category of tactics

And storytelling falls in the category of strategy, which [is] how you need to be thinking about your brand

Secondarily the others I think that is part of that is making heroes

None of us like the completely self interested person who talks about themselves

So it's [almost] a revenge of the the introverted because the introverted prefer not to talk about themselves

So we would actually rather talk about other people and it turns out that again

Just like the people with [the] gift of storytelling it turns out that talking about other people and and promoting other people

Really comes back on you. So you need to be satisfied with a smaller amount of back light, but it works it

Absolutely works, so what's next to me is primarily

storytelling just classic storytelling new tools new

tactics same strategy

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