Ed Schipul presents a Social Media 101 workshop to IABC Houston at the United Way. When asked 'how do I start blogging for my business', Ed discusses the best way to jump into the Social Media world.

Look to your passions and outside interests and start Blogging about those instead. You'll be driven to keep with it and learn the nuances of social blogging norms there - only then should you put your Blogging skills to use for your business.

Start where your heart is.



 How do I get into social
media, where do I start with social media?

One of the questions I get a lot is how
do I start blogging for my business, and my

answer is always the same: don't. Don't
start blogging for your business. What

are you passionate about? Are you into
collecting beetles, are you into knitting, are

you into history, are you into civil war,
are you into cars? Are you in the choir

in your church? That is where you
start with social media because, see, you're

passionate about it, aren't you? You already
have a drive to do it so you'll learn

all the social norms. One of the things
that always frustrates me is people

say blogging is easy. It's not, it's
actually quite complicated. I mean

blogging is easy is like telling a woman
is easy to understand to a 13 year old

boy - that's not fair. I've been married
19 years, you guys are

complicated. Even you guys don't know,
you'll go and say well, I don't know

It's very different. There're all these jokes
about men and women, it's very true, the blogosphere is

very much that way. It's a far more
complicated communication media.

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