Courtney Pemberton with Schipul Interviews Erin Blatzer Flis at the Houston Museum of Natural Science to talk about the Beyond Bones Blog and where it is headed. See the full extended interview at



Hello, my name is Courtney

and I am here at the Houston museum of natural science because

Their blog Beyond the bones got chosen as the boss blog of the month

So we're going to go in play and talk to Erin.

I am standing here with Erin Flis and

I'm actually talking to Erin because she works at the Houston Museum of natural science, and she's the one that suggested they started Beyond the Bones

So she is the lady of the tell me how it all got started.

I started out here working in the public relations department, and it was

The luckiest thing ever to get a job here right out of college, and the coolest thing about my job was seeing behind the scenes, so you know I realized that

all of our people that work here, all of the curators that work here have really cool

Stories to tell they have very cool things that they do every day, and they aren't necessarily on display

This was a really great way

to get their story out there and to get

some of these cool experiences

that I was getting to have and share those with everybody who comes to the museum, everybody who

anybody in the world who wants to check it out. So you told me how the blog got started?

What are some fun things you're doing right now with the blog, and at the museum

Well what I'm really enjoying right now actually is doing a lot of holiday stuff. You know getting our different

bloggers to think about holidays and how they relate to science, and we do something for the holiday season called the 12 days of HMNS

Which is a video series

12 different videos of things that are coming up at the museum, things you can enjoy with your family over the holidays

and a website that's devoted to that. People who are involved in those videos

will do a blog post

About their experience creating the video and so you get kind of the video itself and then you get the behind-the-scenes of how we did it

You know so we're doing things like we're opening

an exhibit on Fabergé. Recently a reading on the blog about the 100 years 100 objects

And we're actually standing in front of this one of these

Objects, and if you can just explain a little bit about what you're doing, what is that all about?

well the 100 years 100 objects is a series on the farm it was designed to celebrate our centennial

The museum was founded in 1909. So this year 2009 is our 200th anniversary in Houston. The T-Rex is actually one of my favorite

it's not one of our hundred objects, but it is one of my favorites because

When kids walk through here. They that's one of the first things they see, so you'll walk through the exhibit halls, and there'll be

Six year old kids that walk right under the T-Rex jaws and they just look up there like oh

God. The last thing I want to know is what's the future for the blog, it's absolutely amazing

The Houston Community I think has really

Taken it in as their own and really you know formed a community within it, so I just want to know

What future plans do you have for it, or where do you want to see it go?

Well, I think you know we want to see it integrate even more with the rest of our social media outreach, we want to see

It integrate even more with our website and most of all I think the best ideas we get

Are from the people who read the blog so I really I love getting that sort of community feedback

I feel like every time we get a comment that's a huge success for the blog

And we want it to go where the readers would like to see it go. We definitely love you

at Schipul, and if I found a bug in my bathroom and I needed

identification ASAP, what is the url I can go to?

you can go to

Write it down folks

I just want to say thank you to Erin and the Houston museum of natural science for having us out here today and to

See what he beyond the bones blog is all about and see what they're actually doing here at the Museum

and you can check out more of the boss blog at Come see us!

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