Tendenci Upgrade Packages 2016 for Current Clients

To make it easy to move forward on Tendenci given the big cloud providers warnings about EOL, we are offering three different packages for the upgrade from 5.x to 7+. This includes membership data migration from your current Tendenci website. 





Full data migration yes yes yes
Responsive MMS layout yes yes yes
Similar to your current site look* yes  New Theme Theme+Design!
Layout built on a responsive bootstrap theme  similar yes yes++
New custom layout  no Yes, but limited YES+
Review of messaging  no yes  yes
Review of site architecture no  yes yes
Newsletter template** yes yes yes
Online community forums yes yes yes
One button data export yes yes yes
Direct database access for reporting yes yes yes
  Upgrade now!
$3500 (npo) or $3788.75 (plus tax)
Upgrade now!
$5500 (npo) or $5953.75 (plus tax)
Submit request form to evaluate your needs.


* Not all existing legacy bootstrap themes will convert to a mobile-responsive layout and may require alterations (people = time = cost... some things are the same for all of us people, right?)
**Used with Tendenci Newsletters which do require an smtp relay provider like mailgun, AWS SES or your own mail server.

Note that with each package, you get a complete migration of your current membership data, including your historical information, photos, events, pages etc. Plus you get ALL the latest AMS mobile reponsive software features that work on everyone's iPhones Android devices!

Depending on the age of your site or whether your organization has seen a shift in focus, consider this an opportunity to launch a whole new look!

Submit an upgrade information request form today to talk with a Tendenci team member about the upgrade of your site. Membership Management Software doesn't have to be limited. Association Management Software doesn't have to be limited by user licenses. UPGRADE to the Open Source Membership and Association Solution by the Tendenci Community.

Tendenci Open Source AMS information Request Form


Notes, Fine Print, Hosting Options, Open Source Community, Yada Yada....

If you are working with an independent Open Source Tendenci Developer and self hosting - contact them first as they will know your site and have the same documentation we use in house. Support your local open source developers! )

Security a concern? Consider hosting with our InfoSec / DevOps professionals in our Tendenci Cloud at Amazon Web Services

Legal Restraints on Hosting in the US? We get it. Yes, some countries have physical hosting requirements for legal reasons. Not your fault. And YES, absolutely, we can help you set up your Tendenci site on your servers. In fact local developers can probably set up a fully featured Tendenci Membership website (PDF download) by reading https://tendenci.readthedocs.io/en/latest/ and downloading the code from pypi or github.


Contact us to upgrade to Tendenci!

Finally, an open source option for associations. Fully functional. 100% customizable.

Give us a call: (281) 497-6567


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