Below is a list of questions we often hear from associations about the Tendenci software platform. We continually add to this list in hopes of answering any questions your have. Since these are added as they come up in conversation, you might find it helpful to search this page (CTRL+F) for certain keywords.


Does Tendenci have an online calendar view?

Yes. Tendenci events can be displayed as a monthly calendar or in a list view. Events are color-coded by event type to help members quickly find the events they want.


What are event types?

Event types are categories that you set up for your association's events. For example, you might have monthly luncheons, board meetings, evening networking opportunities, conferences, etc. Each type is assigned a color so that users can quickly find the event they want in a crowded calendar. Calendars and lists can also be filtered by event type for a simpler display.


Can people register online for events?

Yes. Or no. Depending on how you set up the event. For most events, you will probably turn on registration, such as luncheons or mixers, so you can plan on the number of attendees. You may add board meetings, holidays or deadlines as events that you want to display on the calendar but do not involve registration.


Can I get a list of people who registered for my event?

Of course. This data is avaiable to you in a variety of formats depending on what you need. You can run a roster report to get a head count and provide a check-in sheet for the event, complete with payment status. You can also email all attendees with updated information and run an invoicing report after the event for reconciliation.


Do people pay online?

They can. Again, you have flexibility here. You can require people to pay online at time of registration or allow them to register and pay offline. You must have a merchant account set up in order to accept online payments.


What if someone registers online but pays at the door?

Mark them as paid on your check-in roster and add that payment to the system after the event. This manual payment option is also useful for people who mail you a check beforehand. Run an accounting report after to show both onilne and offline payments to reconcile your books.


What information is available for my events?

Basic information such as date, time and place are a given. This data is used to generate an interactive online map for each event and a downloadable file to add the event to your personal calendar. In addition, you can add event details and speaker bios with photos, upload files and agendas, and include contact information about the organizer.


What about pricing? Does Tendenci have tiered and membership pricing?

Yes. We have found that associations have the most complex pricing demands of any group we have worked with. Tendenci offers basic, student, member, early-bird, regular, and offline pricing in addition to custom pricing matrices that you need for your event.


How does the website recognize someone as a member?

You can require that members be logged in to your site in order to receive member pricing. Some organizations like to offer member pricing on the honor system so you have that flexibilty as well.


How does the website recognize someone as a student?

You can set up user groups on your site that allows you to categorize your different users into pricing groups. This is can used separately or in conjunction with membership. Users must be logged in for the site to automatically charge the assigned amount.


Can I create discount codes?

You have the option of setting up discount codes for any event. Each discount code has a name, value, number of uses and date range. For instance, the first 20 people to sign up for an event get a discount or maybe you send an invitational letter to a student or press group with a special pricing discount code. Many organizations use discount codes to determine which marketing strategy brought people to the event.


What about table pricing for my events?

Yes. You can offer individual and table pricing for your fundraising events.


Can I limit the number of attendees for an event?

Yes. You have the option to set a limit and to display the number of attendees and open slots on the site.


We have a board meeting every month and the basic details never change. How do I set that up?

Add the event and check Recurring Event. Then set the frequency - daily, weekly, monthly or annually. Once added, you change details about individual events as needed.


Can I hide an event from the general public?

Yes. You can restrict viewing of an event to only logged in users, only members, only certain user groups or any combination of these. Users must be logged in and properly categorized to see these events. For instance, the executive board meeting may only show on the calendar for users in the Executive Board user group.


As a member, can I see what events I have registered for?

Yes. When you log in, your profile will show both current and historical events.


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