Have questions about Tendenci's monthly pricing plans?  We've got answers! Here are the top pricing FAQ's to help you understand your monthly cost when you sign-up for Tendenci's Managed Hosting Serivces and leave your website hosting in our experienced cloud service team's hands. Our company has over 15 years of experience providing nonprofits and associations with their website hosting services, including managing backups, security updates, performance monitoring, and all the important things a website needs to run smoothly.   


How Do I Know What Pricing Plan I Need?

We offer flexible ways for your website to grow as your organization's online community grows. 

Tendenci pricing levels are based on the functionality your website will need (such as processing payments or memberships). These advanced features require additional set up and are more taxing on our servers - so they require more cost. In addition to our 3 main monthly packages, we offer scalable add-on options for larger associations who need higher performance or larger storage. If your organization doesn't need these features, we don't want you to have to pay for them. 

We are confident that each pricing level increase includes additional features that will provide value to your organization!


Hosting Performance Definitions:

  • What is Tendenci Community Cloud Hosting?

    Tendenci sites are hosted on our state of the art cloud application platform which utilizes the Internet to connect with servers and hardware that are managed inside Data Centers around the world. We monitor your website's performance, maintain nightly back-ups, and install important security patches and software updates that are required to keep your website and database in tip-top shape. 

    We understand that most nonprofits and associations have higher requirements from their website hosting providers due to lack of resources and staff. Read our Tendenci Community Hosting guide to learn more about our managed hosting services for associations and nonprofits looking for hosting for their Open Source Tendenci Websites.
  • What is a Virtual Server?

    Virtual Servers increase the performance (speed) of all the processes being run by your website to share data between your website, your site's database, and your site visitors. Having more virtual servers means more processes (like loading pages, uploading photos, and exporting members) can be run simultaneously without slowing down your site.

    The more visitors or members or admins you have accessing the site at the same time, the more processes you'll have running on your site. We can quickly scale your site's performance by adding more virtual servers automatically when your site starts to reach performance limits. When your association grows and is handling more traffic and users, then you can also expect to require additional virtual servers for your site.  We do our best to tailor our Tendenci packages to determine on average what a site like yours will need. Additional Processing power beyond your package is also available.
  •  What is Data Storage?

    Data Storage is the size of the files that make up your site. Tendenci is designed to manage large amounts of photos, images, and files. Our hosted client websites range anywhere from 1GB to over 40GB as they add content and grow their communities online.

    The standard limit of 20GB is enough for all but our largest sites. You might need more data storage if you are using your site to hold large files such as long videos.
  • What are Database Backups?

    We run a script once a day that creates a backup of your Tendenci website. This backup includes membership and payment information, content text, and settings. We have access to these backups for the last 7 days. We cannot restore backups beyond that time frame.

Will I be Charged Automatically for My Plan?

Yes, you will be charged automatically every month for monthly services. As long as your credit card is current and valid, you don't need to act in order for your plan to renew. If your credit card is near its expiration date, you'll get an email reminding you to update it.

What Payment Methods Can I use to Pay for my Tendenci Hosting Service?

You can pay for your Tendenci site with any major credit card.

Can I Pay for My Tendenci Service on an Annual Basis?

You can pay for your site a year in advance if you believe your site usage will remain stable.  Your credit card will automatically be charged the additional amount for any months when your site exceeds your monthly plan maximums.

How Do I Change my Billing/Payment Information?

You can update your payment information at any time via our recurring payment dashboard.

What Happens of I Exceed 5,000 Members and 4 Processors in a Month?

If your website needs exceed our pacakges, you can upgrade to the Tendenci Enterprise edition which provides more bandwidth and support.

Can I Cancel my Subscription?

Yes, you can cancel both monthly and annual plans at any time. Refunds are not provided for the unused portion of your plan. To cancel your Tendenci Community plan, please email us at support@tendenci.com.

What Happens to My Website when I Cancel My Subscription?

You can request an export of your website's database and files within 7 business days of cancelling your subscription. We recommend you submit your request the export prior to/at the same time that you cancel. Once our payment system has confirmed cancellation of payment, then your site will be deactivated and your site will no longer be accessible to you or site users.

Typically, we do not delete a site until after 60 days of deactivation, however we cannot guarantee this and your site's content may be deleted shortly after deactivation. This is why it's important to request an export as soon as you decide to cancel. We are not responsible for the loss of data or content on your site once the export has been delivered. We cannot guarantee 

If you wish to activate your site after we have deactivated it, you can contact support@tendenci.com for assistance. You will need to have a credit card to reactivate your site.  

How Does Tech Support Work?

TendenciHosting packages include email and forum support services provided by Schipul Technologies. Visit the Schipul Support Desk: http://support.schipul.com.

We also offer premium support packages at additional monthly costs for clients who desire more hands-on help. If you're interested in upgrading your support package, contact us for a quote.

Who Can I Contact if I Have Additional Questions?

If you have any questions regarding the Tendenci Community free site policy, or feel that you are receiving email notifications in error, please contact us.

What if My Question Wasn't Answered Here? 

Just send us your question and we'll get you an answer right away! 

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