Podcasting integration with your content and RSS

Tendenci - includes full Web Site Podcasting
Web Site Podcasting means a way of getting audio content, typically mp3 files, from your site into the ears of your listeners. It describes streaming audio blogs (web log) that are easily synchronized with audio players like Apple's iPod although certainly not exclusive to Apple.

The beauty of podcasting from your site, the reason people are excited about it is that it is an easy way to share audio content. So if you go to a luncheon with a great speaker, your organization can record it and post the audio with the speaker notes. So you are not only sharing the speaker information, but you are also sharing the audio from the event quickly and easily.

Tendenci includes the ability to syndicate your content with RSS 2.0 is Built Into Tendenci with RSS 2.0 Podcasting Software podcasting audio files.

At a technical level it means you upload the mp3 file to the article and select "syndicate". If you can record and upload an mp3 file, with Tendenci, everyone in your organization is now ready to podcast.
Possible uses include:

  1. Event promotion with podcast audio stream teaser
  2. Radio show Archives Podcasting
  3. Recorded sermons from your church
  4. Counseling of people remotely and time shifted to meet their schedule
  5. Motivational speaking - they podcast it down and listen to it while jogging!
  6. Lecture series recordings (get permission of course)
  7. Audio Emergency notifications posted online in real time from different geographical locations

The biggest danger of podcasting, and it is always good to talk about both sides of an issue, is copyright requirements. Be sure you have permission to record the information that you intend to podcast.

Start simple, try a brief introduction or explanation of an upcoming event and post it as a podcast stream on your web site. Ask your users if it is helpful and see where the creativity of distributed authoring, and distributed audio, takes you!

For more on podcasting, check out the wikipedia entry on podcasting. From a Tendenci perspective, it just works. For more information about Tendenci's podcasting capabilities, contact us today.


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