As an SaaS and Open Source product, Tendenci has seen tremendous growth in features and functionality over the years. Contributors from all over the world continue to help improve and advance Tendenci software so that all members of the Tendenci community have better, stronger tools to serve their organizations.

Updrade Your Site To The Latest Version

Technology moves fast. If your site is over two years old, it is time to upgrade now and not get caught facing the expiration of older products. While we are currently still supporting older versions of Tendenci, we are focusing all new development on the latest technologies available. Don’t get left behind – upgrade today!

Note: All of our wonderful clients are running on Tendenci's latest software version.
To verify which Tendenci version your website is currently supporting - click on Support on the top far right of your admin naviagtion menu. You should see the following: Tendenci Version:

And of course for the geeks there is always

screenshot of Tendenci Support Admin Menu

Tendenci Lifecycle Support 

Every Tendenci product has a lifecycle. The lifecycle begins when a product is released and ends when it is no longer supported. Here are the details of the Tendenci lifecycle. Also, check out Tendenci Changelog – a chronological list of user-facing changes made to the Tendenci platform. 

For a full list of all updates associated with each push, follow us on Github! 




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