Release Summary

The team at Tendenci has been working to make improvements to our T7 software. The batch of updates noted in this release are mostly centered on: the Tendenci Nav, Reports, and Newsletters. You can look for these changes on your T7 site.

Notable changes:

  1. New top menu (for both admin and logged in users)
  2. Newsletters format update and clone feature
  3. Reports format update (including invoices, memberships, ..)
  4. Events views - Added sub menu for month view, week view, day view
  5. Separated join approval and renewal approval for membership notices
  6. Wysiwyg editor - Enabled the image title input field in the image dialog. Added class dropdown to the tinymce link dialog box
  7. Updated the directories categories to make it easy manage
  8. Added drag-drop functionality to the testimonials
  9. Added memberships overview report
  10. Added a link on Profile page to view past events.
  11. More minor changes


  1. (Security) Disabled GZipMiddleware to prevent BREACH attacks
  2. (Security) Prevent fraudulent simultaneous reuse of PayPal transactions
  3. Resolved the issue regarding hangs when caching is enabled. Re-enabled the cache for site settings.
  4. Resolved the subprocess venv issue.
  5. Fixed exports for directories, jobs, resumes, pages.
  6. Fixed "Most Viewed Files" report.
  7. More fixes

Tendenci Nav

The Tendenci Nav has been reorganized to help you find what you're looking for. We hope you'll take the time that review your new Tendenci Nav and get familiar with some of these changes. Here's a screenshot of what it should look like: *For all of these updates, some sites will display slightly different fonts and design features based on the site theme.

Screenshot of Tendenci Navigation


Updates in the Reports module includes consolidation of all reports into their own Tendenci Nav item.

Screenshot of Tendenci Reports Menu

This release also includes an update to the Invoices module, making invoices faster to browse visually in a table-based format. To view Invoices in the new navigation on your site, click: Reports > 5. Financial > Invoicing.

Screenshot of Tendenci Invoices List


The Newsletters module works almost exactly the same as before. We have made a few features a little bit easier to use. For example, if you'd like to re-assign the newsletter to a different group, you can now do so even after you've generated the Newsletter in the first step. We've also made some layout improvements that take advantage of Bootstrap's framework. The "clone" feature has also been added to this module. With clone, you can send a test e-mail, then clone it and send it to your target audience rather than copying and pasting the contents from the first send.

Screenshot of Tendenci Newsletter Edit Menu

Have software updates you'd like to share? Fork us on Github! Special thanks to @PaulSD for lots of fixes and updates!

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