Using Google Free Keyword Research Tool

There are many free keyword research tools online.
One that we particularly like is the Google Keywords Tool.  Not only will you get information about a keyword, you can also get an estimate on how much a keyword may go for in the AdWords bid and how competitive it may be. 
To get started go to
The first time, you will have to enter a captcha- this is so that Google knows a human is using the tool.
You will then see a list of related keywords to the keyword you typed in.
You will also see different bars showing the competitiveness of the keyword if you were to do run a paid placement campaign, the previous month's search volume for that particular keyword, and also an average search volume.  Again, these are all estimates because the search engines do not like to share exact numbers to the public.

If you would like to get an estimate of how much a keyword would cost per click in the AdWords go ahead and click on the drop down menu by "Choose Columns to Display"

Here you will then be able to enter your desire bid for each click of a keyword and you will see an estimated position of where your ad will appear.  This will then give you an idea if you'll want to increase your bid for higher position.

If you have any questions about how to do keyword research for your site or are interested in getting a paid placement campaign started please feel free to contact the SEM team to help you out at