Your Guide to Managing the Changing of the Guard

A New Year means new employees and volunteers for many nonprofit and professional associations. Here are some ways to ensure you are organized and ready to give your new team members a warm welcome. 

  1. Review the previous year's activities, events, and responsibilities at your association and identify the areas that were understaffed. Provide extra support this year and prevent employee and volunteer burn-out.

  2. Pair an experienced staff member or volunteer with a new team member to help mentor and train your new guys.

  3. Update your website’s administrative user groups and add your new staff or remove any staff no longer working for your organization. 

      • Train your staff and volunteers on how to update and use your website. Wondering where to get training? Contact us and let's talk! You can also check out or support packages here

      • Review and revise outdated processes and policies. Are your bylaws current? Do your job descriptions accurately reflect the shift from a webmaster to marketing managing the website? Updating these documents ensures that new staff members gain a clearer understanding of their responsibilities.
      • Introduce your new staff to your members and corporate sponsors. Send an email newsletter or host a welcome party that lets your members and sponsors know who is new to your association and how your new team can assist them if they have questions or need help. 
      • Organize your vendor's contact information and details in one place, like a CRM system, where your new staff can find it quickly when they need it. 


  4. Make your new team members feel at home with a personalized workspace that provides them with the tools they’ll need to do their job. Let them know ways they can make the space their own, within your organization’s culture and policies. 

  5. Give your new staff the tools they’ll need to succeed, including things like a computer with the right publishing software already installed, an email account ready for them to use, office supplies like pens and paper, and an employee directory list so they know how to reach colleagues if they have any questions.

  6. Help them complete any required paperwork like IRS forms including their I-9 and W4, 401k documentation, health insurance forms, and any liability forms your association requires. 

  7. Take them out to lunch on their first day and make sure they don’t stay late their first week. Becoming familiar with a new job is pretty challenging and you can acknowledge this effort by allowing them to get up to speed gradually over the course of the first couple of weeks.  


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