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We're so excited that you're getting to know the Tendenci Software!

This help file includes a list of basic help files to get you started learning about Tendenci and how to make it work best for your organization!

We recommend tackling these help files in order, but you can skip ahead if you have already mastered some of the basics.


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See the full help file for more details on each section of the webinar


Top 10 Help Files to Get Started with Tendenci!

Getting Around in Tendenci

1. How to Log Into Tendenci - You'll need to log in as a Superuser to access the back end features of Tendenci.

>>  Forgot Your Password? This Helpfile Shows How to Reset Your Password on a T5 Site

2. VIDEO: Getting Around in Tendenci - This short 2 minute video walks through the Tendenci basics


Content Management Basics

3. VIDEO: Adding and Editing Basic Content in Tendenci - Get started adding and editing the pages, articles, and new items  on your website

4. Using the Tendenci WYSIWYG Editor - the Tendenci WYSIWYG (What You See is What You Get) editor toolbar is the same throughout every module of Tendenci. Review this detailed helpfile for instructions on what all of the options you have for formatting text in Tendenci, whether you're adding pages, articles, events, etc.


Editing Your Homepage and Navigation

5. Using the Tendenci Stories Module - This module controls the Rotator on your homepage

6. How to Edit Your Navigation - How to add, remove, or move around pages in your Navigation


Other Types of Content You Need to Know: Photos, Videos, Events

7. VIDEO: Overview of the Photos module - How to add and edit photo albums

8. VIDEO: Adding a video to the Tendenci videos module - How to add and edit video content on your website

9. VIDEO: Adding New Events to Your Events Calendar - Learn how to add and edit Events on your Tendenci Event Calendar


Tools for Tendenci Webmasters

10. Adding a New User to Your Website - We recommend adding a unique user for each member of your team, so you can track who added or edited what on the site.


How to Keep in the Know About Tendenci

BONUS! #11. How do I find Tendenci News and Updates? - We are always updating Tendenci to introduce new features and reports. This helpfile includes details for our Newsletter, Blog, and Social Media where we'll post new updates, upcoming training, and tips for managing your website.


For other questions about Tendenci, visit our Help Files (organized by module) at tendenci.com/help!

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