The website you are trying to access is currently unavailable.

This may be temporary due to a connectivity issue or server maintenance - or it could be a symptom of a larger issue.

  1. First - hit the back button on your browser to test again.
  2. Check the URL for typos. 
  3. Check with your IT department to be sure it is not an internal networking error on your network or that your domain may be blocked in a foreign country.
  4. Check if your domain name has expired by doing a WHOIS and check the expiration date
  5. Check if your SSL certificate is expired. Most browsers block expired certificates.
  6. Check the Tendenci Software Blog for an update.
  7. Follow us on Twitter for Tendenci Open Source for updates.
  8. Check the Tendenci forums to look for similar problems.
  9. If you recently made a DNS change, try using a different web browser or pulling it up on your phone.
  10. If you are an independent developer using Tendenci Open Source and self-installed - post an issue on GitHub at
  11. If the site is still not pulling up and you are hosted with Tendenci, submit a support ticket at with your contact information and any detailed information.
  12. If you are self-hosted Open Source contact your developer or your hosting provider.
  13. If you are self-hosted and wish for assistance from Tendenci a trained outside the company, again please call or submit a support ticket.
  14. And lastly, regardless of where you are hosted, check with accounting as it might be something as simple as an expired credit card on file and the emails going to the wrong account.


We appreciate your support in bringing the site back online as quickly as possible.


The Tendenci Team

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