To update a Google map that is embedded on one of your webpages with a new address:

1. Go to Google Maps ( and enter the address.
When the map comes up with the address, look for the Three Stacked Lines in the address bar on the upper left. Click and choose Share or Embed map.

Google Maps Image

 2. Click Embed map and choose a Size (usually small) from the droplist.

Embedded Google Maps Image Copy HTML

 3. Copy the line of code.

4. Return to the Location page and click to edit the page.

5. Click on the HTML button in the top right of the WYSIWYG toolbar to view the code. Don't get scared! :)

6. Find the code that lives between the <iframe></iframe> tags. You will be replacing this code with yours.

Select all of the code between the <iframe> tags including the <iframe> tags and do a right-click Paste. This will replace the existing code with the code you just brought over from Google maps.
Replace the iframe information

7. Click the Insert button to close the HTML window.

8. Click Save Page Changes to save your map.

View the page to see if it worked! You may have to hit refresh to see the new map.


Many sites also include a View Larger Map link that goes directly to Google Maps. To update that link:

  1. Go back to Google Maps and click on Share Link (The Share or Embed Link window should still be open. If not, just click the Three Stacked Lines again.)
  2. Copy the line of code for the link.
  3. Return to the Location page and click to edit the page.
  4. Click on the link at the bottom that says View Larger Map and then click on the Insert/Edit Link icon in the toolbar.
  5. Select the link in the top line and paste your code on top of that one.
  6. Click Update to close the window.
  7. Click Save Page Changes to save your update.
  8. View the page and test the link to make sure it worked!

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