The Staff Module is designed to effectively communicate information about the organization's members, their respective roles, and the proper channels for contacting them as needed. This module not only serves the purpose of managing and highlighting staff members but also facilitates the assignment of specific user admin roles and offers additional functionalities.

Step 1: Navigate to the Staff Module

Here are two simple ways to access the staff module:

  1. Directly visit the staff module at
  2. Go to the Admins Menu, then click on Apps -> 5.Organization -> Staff

    a screenshot of Tendenci admin menu for staff module

Step 2: Adding a Staff Member

  1. Once you're in the Staff Module, locate the "Add Staff" button in the upper-left corner. Click on it. If you don't see it, you can always access it through the Admin Menu by clicking Staff tab -> Add
  2. Enter the name, and the slug/URL path will auto-populate. If you wish to change the slug, simply edit it in the provided text box.
  3. The "department" in the staff module denotes the area where the staff/employee works or is responsible. You can modify a department by clicking the pencil icon, add new departments by clicking the "+" sign, or delete a department by selecting the "x" next to the department box. Don't forget to click "save" to apply your changes.

    a screenshot of Tendenci Staff Module admin fields

  4. Next is the "Position" section, indicating the role of the staff/employee within the department. You can add various positions by clicking on the "+" sign. Ensure to click "save" to preserve your changes.

    a screenshot of Tendenci Staff Module admin fields
  5. The provided information, such as education, biography, emails, and other details, can be easily filled in.
  6. Towards the end, you'll find a section labeled "Staff Files." In this section, you can upload images and other files.

    a screenshot of Tendenci staff module fields
    • The "Featured" Photo Type will serve as the profile picture for the staff/employee member, displayed prominently on the site.
    • The "Other" Photo Type includes supplementary images that can be placed within the staff member's profile, appearing beneath their main profile picture.
    • If desired, you have the option to add a description to the image, providing details such as when, where, or the event during which the image was taken.
    • The term "Position" signifies the order in which the images will be displayed in the account.
    • To delete an image, locate the "delete" checkbox positioned next to the file name at the top.


  7. To include additional Staff Files (images) in the profile, simply click on"+ Add another Staff file"
  8. Remember to click Save! 


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