There are is no doubt that in today's word, mobile rules.

So much so that there is even an epidemic of changes to our physical structure because we spend so much time looking at our phones and mobile devices.

The newest release of the Tendenci software, T7, is built to be responsive.

Out of the box your software is mobile friendly :)

But what happens when you want to add new content like tables or images to your site that still look good on those mobile devices.

Enter the html feature "classes".

When you upload a new image or build a new table in your website on a Tendenci 7 site you'll want to do the following.


To Make Images Responive


1. After you have uploaded your image, click on the  button to view your html code




2. Look for < img in the window

3. Immediately after < img type class="img-responsive"


img responsive tag


4. Click okay at the bottom of the source code editor to save and voila, your image will now shrink when viewed on a mobile device.




To Make a Table Responsive


1. After you have added your table, click on the  button to view your html code




2. Look for < table in the window


3. Immediately after < table type class="table"


Table Class


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