To make a chance to your newsletter template for a single email blast please see the help file on how to create a newsletter

You can make permanent changes to your newsletter using our HTML theme editor. Follow the instructions to make permanent changes to your newsletter template layout.



1. Navigate to your theme editor by adding the slug /theme-editor/editor/. Example:


2. Click on Customize More Templates




3. Choose theme builtin/t7-base 

Snapshot Tendenci Theme Editor for Help file


4. Scroll down and select the 'Newsletter' folder.


5. Select add.html "Copy to Custom Templates" for this is the template you would like to customize your newsletter.

Snapshot builtin/t7-base Newsletter Templates for Tendenci


6. Click 'OK' when answering the question, Do you want to override this template file?

Snapshot Override Template Tendenci Theme Editor


7. Clicking 'OK' prompts you back to (step 1) where you are now in your site's Theme Editor. Example: 

In your theme editor under 'templates', you will now be able to see the "newsletters" template on the left sidebar. Click on 'newsletters' and in the drop-down menu, you should be able to see 'add.html' and other template files you have pulled down. Here is where you have the freedom to customize your Newsletters. Click on the file to edit your HTML through the theme editor.




8. When you click save you'll be able to see the changes reflected in the newsletter module! Clear Cashe if you don't see your changes. This is found on the right side of the Admin Nav Bar under 'Support'. With template cashing on, you may need to submit a ticket and Team Tendenci will help you with a container restart.


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