After keyword research is done, the SEM team will choose the best top 3 keywords to place into the keyword scope page.  This is usually the en/cms/?9 or we have started to rename it /keywords.
These are the top keywords we suggest the client to use for their homepage content, since most likely their products and services page will focus on different keywords.
This is not permanent-meaning their site is not going to be automatically optimized for these keywords.  It is simply a tool for them and us to use when creating new content and optimizing the title and meta information.  This page is usually sent to the client for approval and if the keywords listed are not the right keywords, the SEM team can and will do additional keyword research to fit the client's needs.

Many times, clients will ask what the columns in the keyword scope means.
The search number in most keyword discovery and expansion tools is from data of the previous month.
  • Occurrences - estimate of the number of pages in which each search terms appears
  • Keyword Effectiveness Indicator (KEI) - the effectiveness or value given for each keyword based on things like the number of times the keyword is searched for, the number of pages it occurs, etc.
  • Predicted Daily - estimate of the total number of daily searches on the internet
  • Please keep in mind that these may not be the exact numbers, but are a good estimates from the search engines.

    If you have any questions, please feel free to ask the SEM team :).

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