This help file explains how to get to your Events Module Settings to edit them and explains the different settings options.  Before you begin adding Events to your Tendenci Website Events Calendar, you'll want to head to the Events Module Settings and set them for your organization.  You will also want to edit the Events settings when you have new staff or volunteers that will be managing your Events Calendar and Registrations on the website. 

Locate Your Events Module Settings

There are 2 methods to locating your Events Settings Page to edit and update.  Both options require that you are logged into your site and have the designated permissions in order to access and change the settings.

1) In your web browser's url bar, enter 

2) Navigate to the "Content" dropdown menu in your Blue Superuser Top Bar Menu and click on the Widget Icon next to Events, as shown in this screenshot:


Configuring Your Events Module Settings

Configuring the Events Module settings is really easy.  Here is an explanation, with screenshots, of each of the different settings. 

Admin Emails

Enter the email address of the person who will receive a notification anytime a new Event is added an existing Event is deleted, and when people register for events.  You may enter multiple email addresses, separated by a comma. (example:,, To change the email(s) in this field, simply click on the text box and add, edit, and delete the text as appropriate. 


Anonymous Event Registration

By changing the Anonymous Event Registration setting, you can control how people can register for their events. There are 3 options for this setting: open, validated and strict.The default value for existing sites is strict and the default value for new sites is open.

a) Open – Allows people registering for events to choose any price for themselves and their guests.

b) Validated – Allows people to see all prices when registering, requires a valid site user email address for each price to check that they qualify. They do not have to be logged in, and they can register guests using the guests' email addresses.

c) Strict – Allows people to see all prices when registering, requires the user to log-in, a valid site user email address for each price to check that they qualify. They can register guests using the guests' email addresses.


Anonymous Member Pricing Enabled

This setting controls whether event registrants can register guests at a different pricing level than their own.  If you set this to true, your event registrants can register other members and guests at members-only pricing.  If set to false, your event registrants can only register guests at the same price they are paying.  


Custom Registration Form Enabled

You can select to use custom event registrations forms for your events.  This setting will enable or disable the use of custom event registration forms.  Be aware that when you use custom event registration forms that not all of your custom form fields will be included on Event Rosters and Event Reporting.  Only fields that are part of the standard Event Registration form will be on these items with a few exceptions.



This setting enables or disables the Events Module.  Setting it to "false" will disable the module and "true" enables the module. 


Member ID Pricing

The member ID Pricing setting allows site visitors who are not logged in to register for an event and use their member ID to register at members-only pricing.  "False" disables this setting and "true" enables it.  You must also have anonymous member pricing enabled (set to "true") in order for the member ID pricing setting to take effect.  


Minimal Event Add Enabled

If you enable (set to true) the minimal event add setting, your registered site users and members can suggest events to add to your Events Calendar.  You'll receive a notification for new events submitted for approval and once approved, the event will be added to your site's calendar.  


Shared Pricing

When shared pricing is set to true, your users will be able to share registration pricing levels when they register. This allows someone to register multiple people at the same price the registrant is paying at one time. You also need to have anonymous member pricing enabled above for this setting to take effect. 


After you've adjusted your Events Module Settings, just click the "Update Settings" button Update_Settings_Button.png to save your settings and you are done!

Did this Help File answer your question?  If not - email your question to our support team or visit our Tendenci Forums for more help!

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