"I am hosting an event called the Winter Gala and want to include an easy-to-remember link in my promotions."
To promote an event with a user-friendly link, you can set up a Redirect using your custom wording that redirects the visitor to the Event view and registration page.
It is importnt to know that the redirect wont work unless the event module is turned off. Redirecting means to redirect from a non-existing page to an existing page.

1) Turning off a Module

In this example we are going to use the Event module. First we must go to the event module, go to the admin menu tab and click on Apps->3.Events->Calandar. 

Event Location


Then head over to the admin menu tab again and look for the Events tab. Click on it and go to Settings.

Setting Events Location


Once in the events settings look for the setting Enable and set it to False. This will turn off the module.

Disable the Module


2) Setting up the Redirect

First, we must go to the event module, go to the admin menu tab, and click on Apps->6.Layout->Redirect.
 Redirect Location
Then on the admin tab menu, click on Redirect->Add a Redirect

Add Redirect Location
In the Redirect page, select what module will the redirect extract the link from. In this case, since we turned off the Events Module, we shall select Events in the From App drop-down. 
Then add your personal wording in the From URL text box. This box will be the redirect or new URL; where the old link will go to. For this example, we use /winter-gala/.
For the To URL place the location where the redirect will land on; in other words, the link that the URL will change to. Here we place the event link /events/261/.
The HTTPS Status notifies the admin if this redirect is a permanent redirect or a temporary one.  
Status will ativate or disable the redirect.
Uses Regular Expression is a sequence of characters that specifies a match pattern in text. It verifies if the URL is already in use.
Screenshot of Tendenci Redirects Module
Guests will enter https://www.yourdomain.org/winter-gala/ and land on the actual Event page https://www.yourdomain.org/events/261.
If this is going to be a regular event, consider tagging these Events (e.g. winter) and then setting up a page on your site to talk about the event, include photos from past events, and include a feed that pulls in the next scheduled event with a click for registration. 

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