"I am hosting an event called the Winter Gala and want to include an easy-to-remember link in my promotions."
To promote an event with a user-friendly link, you can set up a Redirect using your custom wording that redirects the visitor to the Event view and registration page.
Apps > 7. Layout > Redirects
Add your personal wording - ex. /winter-gala/
And the event link - ex. /events/261/
Screenshot of Tendenci Redirects Module
Guests will enter https://www.yourdomain.org/winter-gala/ and land on the actual Event page.
If this is going to be a regular event, consider tagging these Events (ex. winter) and then setting up a page on your site to talk about the event, include photos from past events, and include a feed that pulls in the next scheduled event with click for registration. 

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