Now with the latest Tendenci version bump, contact form submissions can be used to auto-generate user profiles!

You now have the option to have all of your website contact form submissions auto-generate a new user profile.  This forms setting can be quickly and easily turned true or kept false.

Note: The forms setting is automatically set to "false", to help reduce spam and potential duplicate records. Understand that a new user will still be created if payment is involved or "Subscribe to Group" functionality is selected. To make your site GDPR compliant, you can add a new checkbox field to your form to obtain user consent.


How to Activate This Feature in Site Settings:

1. Navigate to your FULL site settings from your admin menu.

How to Access Full Site Settings in Your Tendenci Site


2. Scroll down to "Forms"

How to Access Forms in Your Tendenci Full Site Settings


3. Select "Create User on Form Submissions", and use the dropdown menu to change "false" to "true" if you would like to enable this feature and have a user profile automatically created.

Enable Auto Profile on Contact Form Submission


4. Be sure to click "Update Settings" to save your work!





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