This help file shows you how to edit your Tendenci User profile to update information stored in your website's user database about you. Information included on your user profile that you may want to edit includes: your name, contact information, your Display Name and Username, and password. 

Regular Users and Members can only make changes to their own profile information, and they can't change permissions settings. Super-Users have full control to make changes to user profiles, including editing permission settings for users and adding private notes that are only visible to website administrators.  

Navigate to Your User Profile

Navigate to your user profile by clicking on your username in the navigation bar menu that's on the top of each screen.  Different themes may also have login information located in the header, sidebar, or footer such as in the image below: 

a screnshot of tendenci user profile

The current username in this example is "Shirley". The first thing all new Tendenci site administrators will want to do is update the default "admin" login and password with unique login information to keep your website secure from unauthorized access. 

Click on Profile and you'll be redirected to your User Profile page: 

a screenshot of a tendenci profile example

Click on the "Edit" button in the upper right-hand corner to make changes to your user profile. 

Edit Your User Profile

The User Profile Edit page is divided into sections and labeled with letters of the Alphabet: A-J.  Fields marked with a red * are required fields, and you won't be able to save your changes if any of these are blank or incorrectly filled in.   

Section A: Names

In section A, the First and Last name fields are required. Your options in this field include:

  • Select your salutation (ie Mr. Mrs. Ms. Dr. etc)
  • Add your middle initial
  • Include your Title/Position
  • Customize your Display Name
  • Opt to Display or Hide User Profile in User searches on your site


Your Display Name will be used in place of your username if you choose to customize this field. 

Section B: Phone Numbers

Section B provides optional fields for your user's phone numbers, including work, home, and mobile. Check the "Yes" box to prevent phone numbers from displaying in searches. 


Section C: Email and Website

Section C will require you to enter your email address, twice, to verify you've typed it correctly.  

You can also optionally add a second email address, a website URL (for example the user's blog or company website can go here), and configure email settings for receiving emails from the website. 


Section D: Company Information

Use Section D to add your company and department information to the User Profile.


Section E: Address Information

Section E includes fields for a mailing address and the option to keep the address private or enable it to display on the user profile search. 

Section F: Social Media 

Section F includes fields for your social media. 

a screenshot of tendenci profile social media imput

Section G: Login Information

You'll change your username and password in Section F. You'll also have options for:

Setting the User to Interactive or Not Interactive: Interactive gives the user a login and password, non-interactive stores the User's information for your association's contact directory but will not provide a login for the user. 


You should never set a Super-User level account to 'Not Interactive' unless you are deleting the user profile because this will prevent the Super-User from logging into your website to make any updates.

Section H: Notes

Use section H for public notes on the User Profile. These notes are visible to the User and you'll have an Admin-only notes section that only super-users can view in Section J. 


Section I: Optional Information

Section I provides optional information about your User including a field for spouse name, DOB, Gender, Language, and time zone. These fields are all optional and enable you to know a little more about your Users' individual preferences.

Section J

Only super-users can view and make changes to section J. You can change the security level of users and add notes that you want to keep private about the user.  


Be Sure to Save!

Click the "Submit Changes" button to save your changes.  




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